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  1. Have you solved the problem? How to solve it?
  2. Why can't I update the 5-6 version? Do I update the game or version 5-5?
  3. Why can't I enter my account password when I load it?. Click "enter" BOT will crash.
  4. I was able to use RS3 properly before yesterday, but after this update, I couldn't use it. If you don't support RS3, why is there RS3 layout?
  5. After this update RS3 doesn't work properly。How should I fix it?
  6. RS3 doesn't work properly。How should I fix it?Or when will it be able to fix the problem?
  7. Are you a website administrator? RS3 has been available for use until today.
  8. after this update rs3 cant run,please fix quickly
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