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  1. i see credits going for 1.7m each. lets do 2 bonds for 5 credits.
  2. Got some credits I want to trade for either bonds or osrs gp. Let me know your best offer. I can only do 5 / month. If there's a way to do all 16, please let me know.
  3. I've given money(cause I'm a nice person) to a bot before at GE before a few people told me I just gave to a bot lol. I felt so dumb. But it works.
  4. Damn, if I had more rep and was trusted I'd do this for you. Good luck finding someone, looks like you got the math figured out.
  5. bigheadvic


    I want to buy 200m. Whoever gives me best deal I will purchase via VISA. asap. BBL work. Let me know.
  6. Any recommendation on the settings for 1 def pures?
  7. LOL 100% Nice achievement bro. I am thinking of botting up a new acc to do zulrah. Looks profitable. How long did it take you for this?
  8. Unfortunate the accs got banned but I like the content. I look forward to the new series.
  9. I'm going for McGregor all the way. Guy's a beast. Can't argue that Mayweather is a different type of beast but he's too into material things. Would love to see him earn his first loss.
  10. That's crazy... email jagex. That's literally your only option lol and best option at that. Prepare a good story for them
  11. how much gp per credit? I have some for sale.
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