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  1. @Final Calibur The spell at the end of the tutorial is broken too
  2. @Final Calibur its actually the dialogue with gielinor guide thats broken
  3. @Final Calibur The script wont start tutorial island. -HELP
  4. when doing cooks assistant could you have it grab the pot and bucket at the same time rather than leave the castle to come back to leave again - thanks
  5. Jonazun

    Looking for a good combat script

    Thanks! I am loading it up now!
  6. Jonazun

    Looking for a good combat script

    Thanks I will check it out!
  7. Was wondering if anyone has had any luck with a good combat script, looking for good anti-ban. Thanks in advance! I don't wanna kill anymore ....
  8. Thank you - I really love the bot It would be awesome to have a payment option to run 20 instances at once for a month
  9. Jonazun

    Lobster Goldfarmer [Free]

    hey its getting caught up in the dialogue to get back from karamja to port sarim I don't know if this is on your end or something to do with tribots webwalking. -Please Fix! Its a great script!
  10. since the update this morning the quester on tut island at very beginning hits report and gets stuck in the menu - please fix if possible thx
  11. Jonazun

    is login bot broken?