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  1. Pretty Disappointed - banned in like 5 hours of runtime with 2 breaks. I know bans are gonna happen but was expecting a little more from a premium script
  2. @Optimus are all those max points posts that run 25+ hours on the same account? or have a few been banned? just bought tonight and wondering how long i should be running it for at a time.
  3. lots of issues with tutorial island fishing and wc guide - they switched order of shop then fish
  4. I have had good luck with USA Fighter but from what i have heard if you have a bit of money Optimus is the way to go
  5. gets stuck at the following places: 1. talking to survival expert dialogue before starting fishing -trying to click a icon that doesn't exist yet 2.quest guide dialogue - same as above 3. before talking to priest the bot clicks around and wont talk to the priest That seems to be it Ran it on a couple different accounts and seems to be consistent issues
  6. Thank you my man you seem to be the only good tutorial bot on the market since @Final Calibur has left.
  7. i think that is the case and i have - thank you - I beleive they changed the id for the tutorial island guide god damn jagex
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