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  1. Try full void and ahrims (3/4 Switches). I don't like Serp helm but some users use it... Using zulrah teleports are recommended and multiple kills ON (2-3). You should be getting around 14-16 with those stats if using LG (at 50fps). And comparing legit k/h with botting k/h is quite inaccurate!
  2. If I were you, I would try switching to ahrims and void, occult (+10% damage increase is a lot) and mage book. In my experience it worked better that way. I prioritize mage over range, it has worked way better for me that way. Your levels are ok but range might make a big difference here. You should expect 13-14 kills per hour... But it has more variables to take into account!
  3. At the moment I'm getting 16-18 kills per hour. LG 64 bits, Imbued heart, ahrims and void. I was actually getting consistent 18k/h when I had ancestral and arcane but don't want to risk that much and it wasn't a big of a difference eheh. Awesome script as always!
  4. You're probably doing something wrong... You sure you're using 64 bit versions? It makes a huge difference, mainly if you're using LG. Yesterday I was doing 12 kills/h (0 deaths) at around 1.5m/h (not bad drops though)... And I'm not Maxed Stats and not using Maxed gear for sure. If you're really sure you followed the Documentation Thread and it's still not working, try sending Worthy a Screenshot of your GUI and Gear, he'll probably figure it out... Cheers.
  5. After 1 week of using this Script, I've gotta' say, it's dayum Worthy! No puns intended I have a question: If I buy a private proxy from a certain location (Ex: Germany) and next month I use one from other location (Ex: France), Jagex will take this into consideration right? This might be a dumb question but It's first time I'll be using proxies. Thanks!
  6. Going to buy this tomorrow morning but trying to setup this already and I was wondering what gear should I use? Because manually I use around 6 switches... (bold = switches) 95 Magic, 95 Range, 99 Defence. QuestCape Method. Helm: Void Range Top: Ahrim + Void Bottom: Ahrim's + Void Back: Saradomin Cape Ammo: Blessing Neck: Occult + Fury Boots: Eternal Gloves: Void Ring: Suffering Weapons: Staff/Book + Blowpipe Should I cut any of these items and bring less? With my levels, should I bring mage and range pots? Best regards! Keep it up Worthy! Thanks.
  7. Heya, I've added on skype! Want to buy some credits please.
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