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  1. Using a different Java version fixed my issue, Thanks for thinking with me!
  2. I've done this before on just 2 tho? i transfer gold on the same IP all the time
  3. Hey guys and girls, Me being the noob that i am, forgot how to fix this issue! I use both my own IP as a Proxy (so 2 accounts running) but i can't get a 3rd on the same world
  4. Yeah i'm still hoping the Donation system goes PayPal
  5. Frequent updates, Fast and straight forward GUI and works like a charm! Might not be the sleakest looking GUI/Paint out there but definitely the best for the buck! 6$ is a steal for this script and surely recommend it to anyone looking for a stable combat script. Thank you J J
  6. Hey guys! Afaik its being done either manually or has a insane delay. I bought 12 credits (6 credits per and about 4 hours inbetween). First i got 6 credits the same night but the other 6 credits were credited to my account a day later (today). Just hold on, they will arrive.
  7. No stress, you'll be getting those remaining credits. For sure!
  8. When will we be able to Donate via PayPal?
  9. It is instant, it seems to be bugged right now tho! But usually its instant!
  10. Yeah did the same thing with mine however i've gotten 0/12 It's alright i'll buy some with mills if i really end up needing them
  11. It's going to take some time, just set your mind to receive them in 3 days.. so you wont be disappointed
  12. Bought 6 Credits via PayPal and tried it another time an hour later, As of yet they have not come through. But there are a few older topics where the credits get rewarded a couple of hours later (most likely to be done manually). We'll have to wait for someone to pick it up.
  13. We don't know, We have not had a word of any Administrator on the subject thus far.
  14. Yup! Still going on, only has been +/- an hour..Not really in need. Used Paypal if that matters
  15. Just wondering, i've got a training spot kind of on a obscure place.. will this bot find its way to a bank? back in 2010 i used to make my own bank path via some custom pathing option in the combat script. It's not too far off a bank
  16. Loved this script, Support is great and updates are frequent. It's probably a bit much in price for my taste, but i loved it for the time i've used it. Thank you USA.
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