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  1. !All Orders Will Require A 2M Deposit, Which will be returned once the service is finished! Terms of Service(TOS) 1. No breaking any in-game rules at all. 2. No live streaming, no exceptions. 3. No RWT, first transfer the gold to your account before trading any gold sellers. 4. No scamming such as X-Logging. 5. No "commission staking" on the account including 0%. 6. No refunds will be given if a ban takes place. 7. Keep account private status as online/friends. 8. No refunds will be giving once you rent the trade is final 9. By using MY Services, You agree to my (TOS) Breaking any of these rules will result in a termination of your rental and seizure of your deposit including any items or gp on the account. Pricing & Rental Plans 30 Minutes = 500K 1 Hour = 1M 2 Hours = 2M 5 hours = 4M 10 Hours = 4M 24 Hours = 10M 48 Hours + Negioate The account will be preloaded with the following items; 1x Kraken tentacle whip1x Dragon Dagger1x duelling ring1x House teleport Contact me; Please Message me your Skype name, and how many hours you are looking to rent the account for and ill get back to you ASAP WATCH OUT FOR IMPOSTERS - ALWAYS CONFIRM WITH ME FIRST! - I AM NOT LIABLE FOR ANYONE BEING
  2. PM'd him and hiring for 1 hour. Talking on skype.
  3. Using a different Java version fixed my issue, Thanks for thinking with me!
  4. I've done this before on just 2 tho? i transfer gold on the same IP all the time
  5. Hey guys and girls, Me being the noob that i am, forgot how to fix this issue! I use both my own IP as a Proxy (so 2 accounts running) but i can't get a 3rd on the same world
  6. Yeah i'm still hoping the Donation system goes PayPal
  7. Frequent updates, Fast and straight forward GUI and works like a charm! Might not be the sleakest looking GUI/Paint out there but definitely the best for the buck! 6$ is a steal for this script and surely recommend it to anyone looking for a stable combat script. Thank you J J
  8. Hey guys! Afaik its being done either manually or has a insane delay. I bought 12 credits (6 credits per and about 4 hours inbetween). First i got 6 credits the same night but the other 6 credits were credited to my account a day later (today). Just hold on, they will arrive.