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  1. thinking about buying! looks good however hop if cannon is not available?
  2. Seem to be having a problem with looting? if I turn off activate looting the script works flawlessly however when I activate looking it normally kills 1 npc and then the bot debug starts going crazy? any ideas @Tri Looking at the log it appears osbuddy is having problems? there website is down so I'm assuming its the price checker
  3. I found that I get banned 100% without using looking glass, if I use looking glass I have yet to be banned ever !
  4. I bot on my main and I don't get banned, been doing it for a while now to be honest do some legitimate things inbetween, do some quests, maybe run some barrows , go to a drop party in the party room, interact always use looking glass , always use break handler Bot smart and play it like a human would :)! botting successfully can be done, but bans are always a potential
  5. Works brilliant , ran for 6 hours today and got me around 2k iron ore. going to keep going and start mining some gold for better profit :)! Hopefully start making some good money soon :-D!
  6. Just started this on a trial basis :)! , going to leave it overnight and see how things look in the morning :)! Will post here when I know :)! Seems to be working good ATM , Many Thanks! *Update* - script ran perfectly! Will definitely purchase when required! got 1 - 45 in the trial period time and make a lot of money from nests ect. Many Thanks!
  7. ahh never new using stun was faster xp :)! cheers!
  8. any chance of you adding vulnerability as well as stun/curse :)! You know, for the higher levels :)! ,
  9. This is a script that works really really well, you ever going to release paid scripts :)? really like it!
  10. i am being :)! , regular breaks , dont bot overnight anymore. do quests inbetween , go pking for a bit, make it look like a regular account :)! Looking glass only for me :)!
  11. Just taking the time to say hello to all fellow botters :)! i have botted alot on WOW many years ago using glider and other various bots :)! Never really botted runescape but i am fully adept and understand how bots work and scripts ect Started just over a week ago and going strong :)! , really enjoy tribot and i purchased vip e straight away. the looking glass feature is a highlight for me and believe it is great I did make a mule account to suicide and see how long it would take to get banned picked the noobiest place to suicide woodcutting and yeah it was banned in like 5 hours however botting smart on other accounts has been very very successfull for me alternating scripts constantly , doing quests, really helping me with my zerker Just want to say hello , love the community and wish everyone success :)!
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