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  1. Right click still doesn't work for me as well as the flickering effect. I don't think the login works as well.
  2. Its just weird to me cuz my first bot lasted to level 99 hunter and then some. This one I was still on birds and took long breaks, and didn't even overdo it really.
  3. Pretty sure its broken. I got banned the other day, made a new account with members and all that and only botted for like 8 hours one night and 10 hours the next day and got a perm ban. I'm choked I was hoping it would last me longer than this.
  4. I can make 17m in a day man, at lvl 98 I'm getting almost 1.2m an hour on average...
  5. It was a 2 day ban dude. They even have an appeal system for bot bans now too. Like I said earlier, its how you run the script. You cant have ur mouse speeding around like ur on crack for 72 hours straight, lol. Theyre meant to look natural, ur kind of fucking it up for everyone else by making it obvious chins are easily bottable in the first place!
  6. 98 hunting boys!! Gonna be at 99 in 600k xp I'm gonna hopefully be around for that part I cant miss it
  7. Very good script! Black chins are most definitely worth it when you can, you even get an extra trap. Not to mention theyre worth double I agree with jake tho, idk why youd just go balls to walls and waste your account! Your lucky you didn't actually get an IP ban! I got a 2 day ban last week, and now that I've made sure to take at least a 6-8 hour break a day, I've been fine! I get you wanna make money, but do you realize how much time your gonna have to waste to get another account that good? ;p
  8. Its either that, or the banking aspect. I probably went for at least 16 hours. But I feel like banking chins every 200 exactly would get quite obvious.
  9. I got to 92, but got banned yesterday for 48 hours. Maybe I didn't break enough though.
  10. Now he just keeps running into the blackness, does this only work for certain kebbits??
  11. Trying to do kebbits, but when I click falconry it just keeps hitting the prayer button?? Any help??
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