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  1. Diesel

    Buying OSRS Gold

    I am buying 5M-30M if you have add me on Skype: Pax2605 I will pay with PayPal, $1.5 per Mill
  2. I just didn't like your attitude tbh, I worked out why it just stands there and freezes. It goes to loot items (My knifes) but from where the random mouse clicking is happening to wake up the crabs (I assume) it's also picking up junk. Once the bag is full and it goes to loot my knifes it just stands there in the processs of "looting items". Although i already have knifes in my inventory. Just an idea; You should make the bot right click all the time to attack the crabs, this will prevent all my issues. It will stop characters picking up junk constantly and it will stop it randomly freezing at looting items because the inventory is full of junk.
  3. Just to add, Waterbirth doesn't work either. Both spots. Training at West Crabs also gets you stuck at the wall trying to attack crabs on the east side (So this is vice versa). Edit: This has also just happened, It gets better.. [10:08:58] java.lang.RuntimeException:[10:08:58] at scripts.crabs.Crabs.L(Crabs.java:49)[10:08:58] at scripts.crabs.Crabs.run(Crabs.java:156)[10:08:58] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:744) Then i went to run it straight after and the piece of crap decided to rinse my teleports. This is the worst script I've downloaded from TriBot Yet. (Been using tribot since summer last year). I hope this gets removed from the Script Store as this shouldn't be sold. It should atleast be taken from the store until it's fixed. I've had this script not even 24 hours and attempted to run it on every single crab training place and it does that same bullshit. DOESN'T WORK!
  4. Here's my list of problems, It's starting to make me wish I never bought it as I've not had it working to well. - Gets stuck at west wall when it decides to work. (Attack all crabs is ticked when this happens). - Randomly stops working literally every 2 minutes (Character just stands there and does nothing) haven't seen this run longer than 19 Minutes. - Has some weird loop (Walks to crabs, Teleports to camelot & walks back again and again, does this over and over). - Picks up knifes every time 1 is dropped on the floor (Very bad for botting, too obvious). - When you start the script at crabs it decides it's going to walk all the way back to camelot to walk around the bank to walk back up. Would be nice if you can add some sort of support to hide the paint also as when you're botting you can't see other players text. Hope you can fix these issues, Will post more if I find anymore.
  5. Yup, that's where I got my two partyhats, Blue & Purple. No this doesn't. Luckily about an hour ago I noticed a yoyo as it logged out, so i quickly logged back in and picked it up. Good luck finding one!
  6. Level 56 wilderness in the boat The room near ardougne where pickpocket farmer is Outside magic axes hut Range guild Enjoy.
  7. 2 phats in the same location now only 350 hops. Skeletons level 27. Theres a pic of the spot on that website with the locations.
  8. Yeah, i'll try again tonight see what happens Might go back to range guild though as i found my skele costume there. Regards, Diesel
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