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  1. yeah the problem was on my end. works perfect now thank u
  2. any1 using this script without problems?
  3. hey guys so yesterday my scripts were working fine on my laptop and then out of no where every script didn't work properly. At first i thought it was the client that needed an update but i went on my desktop and all the scripts work great. I un-downloaded tribot and re downloaded it, uninstalled java and reinstalled and it still isn't working properly on my laptop. Both looking glass and regular boting client wont work properly. i also deleted the hooks and did nothing. Any help would be appreciated!
  4. Having an issue with the bot telleing from c wars to house over and over again with full planks in inv
  5. well aint that a bitch, thanks bro
  6. hey guys so just a quick question for yall boing out there. i got a mule who i did 3 quests to get 7qp, its not my main mule but has gp and runes for my bots. i logged into him today to trade the bots the gear and im getting the following message: "Your account is currently restricted for trading. The restrictions will lift in 15 hours, 15 minutes, provided you gain 3 more quest points and 22 more skill levels." any1 ever have this happen to one of their accounts/ mules? like i said the acc already has 7qp and i think Jagex somehow locked it from trading? Edit: drop trading doesn't work either
  7. dgreg

    BEG Poh Planks

    I use this bot for 2-3 accounts at a time. If you run the bot for 4 hours straight your ganna get banned the next day. It does the same repetative thing over and over and if you run it for long periods of time in one sitting your ganna catch a ban. Try breaking it up unless it's the weekend then go for it. I made about 50m on 2 accounts this weekend botting for about 12hrs a day.
  8. dgreg

    BEG Poh Planks

    hey so i noticed for whatevr reason that when i first start the bots they will get stuck at my poh until i type 26 ( to give logs to butler) and then runs fine. so in other words the bot doesnt type the number of logs that need to get sent to sawmil.
  9. Looks interesting and I can't wait to try it out, repo ink is broken tho.
  10. dgreg


    the bot will sop after it catches a shrimp while using looking glass
  11. i did this and now tribot wont find the osbuddy client
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