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  1. Hey, Not sure how involved it would be but would it be possible to have this script adapted to run in kourend/kebos lowlands area? Due to the twisted league event, I notice many players looking for people to scout dragon implings for them that are willing to pay generously for the service.. just a thought, let my know what you think Thanks
  2. Building accounts to try this script out, i assume that the hosting account uses up 1 of the auths? so buying the $5 subscription means i can only run 1 acc making tabs and one hosting the house?
  3. Is this script functional at current? debating purchase due to low feedback since recent updates.
  4. I have also had this happen to me when blowpipe ran out of charge. Didn't cause any major issue, just went to the location and logged out.
  5. Just came home to find this script had been running for over 7 hours and made close to 7M profit, This is a problem as i set it to run for 4000 seconds or till 1,250,000 GP profit was reached. (see image) Obviously having my account running for 7 times as long as i had planned makes me anxious that i may be facing a ban in the near future... ?? If i were to provide bot/client debug information, would that be useful for investigating why this has happened?
  6. it seems using looking glass, the bot will go to the rev caves, hover over a rev but not attack them ? it will pot up, pray and then just idle until it gets pked or manually instructed. :S also not hopping/teleing away from pkers. (Works fine without LG)
  7. mk4rst

    Unable to use LG

    regardless of whether a script is running or not it will lag/mouse delay. i currently have it running jre-8u102 with osbuddy 32bit. tribot using the related jdk-8u102 but is exctremelly laggy as per the original post. (32bit runelite still does not work) Ideally i would like to use 64 bit versions of both, but have not been able to get any combinations of jre/jdk to hook. I would also prefer runelite over osbuddy. thanks for your help
  8. mk4rst

    Unable to use LG

    Hi, As of recent, i have been unable to get LG to work. I have tried what seems like every possible combination of client (32bit .jar/64bit) of both runelite and osbuddy with various JDK versions. I have read all the guides I could find on here regarding this issue but at best i have been able to get 32bit osbuddy,jar working with LG but the lag with this method makes it unusable. Apologies if this inst the correct section to post this type of question. all advice is appreciated
  9. ****! i done it again, 2 blowpipes and 2 salve (ei) lost! I understand this is fully my fault, i switch between using the accounts for pking and for bottling this script and keep forgetting to switch player attack to hidden. ?? Might implementation of a fail safe to ensure the script always sets player attack to hidden upon start up be a useful suggestion ? Going bankrupt because of it ?
  10. Some how came back to have lost my blowpipe + salve (ei) after leaving this script running for a few hours unattended. ?
  11. Would it be possible to implement a skulled option into this script? All it would require is to withdraw, equip and unequip the amulet of avarice and then deposit it again whilst banking. Amulet gives a skull for 20 minutes IIRC, so would only need to have the script perform this process every 20 minutes.
  12. script is broken ? Sits at bank after dying and says "grabbing gear" "antiban" "grabbing gear" "antiban" etc then logs out due to inactivity.
  13. used this bot for about 6-8 hours over the weekend and already one of my 1 year+ old accounts that hasnt used any other scripts has been banned
  14. From what i've gathered VPN's are a poor choice because they share the addresses between multiple users and there for the chance of the ip being previously flagged is high. You want to use a dedicated private socks5 proxy. For additional information and sources, see the link below. It is a step by step guide that should answers all your questions in detail.
  15. Looking at those highscores is amazing. I just recently made 2 accounts with ~80 range, 1 Def, 26 pray and salve (I) on both. ~60 combat. I was just wondering if anyone who's been using this script for a while had any advice on the best set ups/times to run script avoiding pker/which area of cave/revs to kill/how much loot per trip etc? All advice will be much appreciated The script itself is awesome and I hope with a bit of help setting up I'll be able to start bringing in the big gp's I see on the highscores list :)) Cheers,
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