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  1. slick comment just got you a 1 star
  2. If this is true, 2 middle fingers to TriBot. Regardless of their success. If by the end of today I can't get real help on how to pay with paypal, I'll find another bot client @Dukat @Usa @jmc @Dastardly
  3. mod @Usa this is absurd! more than half the community can't buy credits from the broken automated system because of "security". And it's a business in black market??? If I can't buy credits by the end of today, I'll be moving to OS--bot. Where they DONT tax extra for buying VIP or scripts. please get a fix. Im under no proxies and Ive varified 100% that all the information i put is correct.
  4. Q: How Much is 1 Credit Worth? One credit is worth $1 when purchased from TRiBot. However, there are various credit resellers that charge a slight premium for offering various benefits. Some of the benefits of purchasing from a credit reseller (such as quickrsgp.com): You can purchase less than 5 credits. You can use additional methods of payment (including RSGP and PayPal). The credits typically arrive faster because you don't need to go through TRiBot's anti-fraud system. How do I get rid of the anti-fraud system??
  5. 740k ea. why are they more expensive on market than by the repository? @MNO
  6. subject says it all. Trusted only.
  7. Spearchuck

    Java on VPS

    Please help me the VPS is very frustrating as i do not know well what I am doing. I am on a MATE Linux VPS that took me a while to put up and now I cant download TriBot because it doesn't have Java and I can't download Java because it doesn't have an installation wizard. What do I do? I have internet on it ofc.
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