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  1. What exactly is required to do the zmi runecrafting? I mean for this bot specifically. Could you please list the items needed or make like a tutorial on how to set it up. because for some reason every time i try and set it up i get an error. Also is there a way to use it without a rune pouch i don't have one yet? If not honestly can i get a refund i bought it solely for that reason.
  2. With the new update you no longer need tinderbox you can use Bruma Torch, can you update the script to implement this change?
  3. Script is broken again for sure. Not recognizing lobster now..
  4. I can confirm the same issue with my script, i logged on this am to use the script and it wont pickup my food even though my setting are the exact same, same food in bank etc. Also if i put the food in my inventory it will just sit at the bank and do nothing. Edit: I ended up switching food to swordfish and it works again for me, been going for about an hour now no problems. Wines are no longer working...
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