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  1. ctotheodawg

    TRiBot Release 9.305_4

    Yes! Happy to use it at is Thankful for the work of the admins.
  2. ctotheodawg

    TRiBot Release 9.305_4

    Still using LG, 10-15 frame rate, any idea why its so low? Two weeks ago, I would run two LG clients and the lowest I would see is around 20 fps. Just a patch issue?
  3. ctotheodawg

    TRiBot Release 9.305_1 - Temporary Patch

    I've actually been using that bot flawlessly with a demon butler. Getting 1050 tabs an hour.
  4. Update: Sorry for no gif, not sure exactly how to do that. I did some more troubleshooting. I deleted the .tribot folder (not the first time i tried this) and it now works perfectly fine. Not sure exactly what the bug was. Back to my 1m+ p/h. Sad I didn't get to run it since Thursday though Thanks for writing such a boss script. You do man!
  5. I should clarify, I have been following that thread as well as know LG isn't back. I was stating I am excited to have it back... I'm expectant! Are the issues with the staffs on normal client something that is only affecting me? When I go to save a profile, it saves momentarily (and even keeps the name), but when I try to go back into the armor section it doesn't display any of the gear, just the red X's.
  6. Worthy, I've been trying to run the script on the normal client. Currently having an issue with the trident (both of the swamp and regular). For some reason it won't equip it as the desired weapon. Something weird is up with the save feature of gear as well.. Outside of that things look normal! Not sure if the client issues cause these issues. BP has no issue at all. In fact, all the other gear works fine. Excited to have LG back...
  7. Any tips on duration for a session or best traveling method? Currently i'm using the zulrah tabs, but could use another method... like the boat I believe.
  8. Just recently started using this bot. Will it automatically add extra charges to the ring of suffering? I noticed it supports the ring, but wasn't sure if it would add more charges to it if it runs out or low. Looks to be running great so far