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  1. I've been running it for 12+ days and for multiple hours each day. The bots main issues are user errors tbh. The script is of a higher quality than most on Tribot and Netami is quick and honest with his replies.
  2. It works the same way it would if it were to equip a 2h spec weapon. It equips the spear to heal (automatically unequiping the weapon and shield), once it has finished the randomised healing process it switches back. As far as I can tell from watching my bot earlier, it will eat in order to accommodate the action. Also most likely when using guthans you won't have a full inventory as it's unlikely to have a full bag of food, and if it's due to loot it will just bank the drops. If you're worried just bring one less food lol.
  3. This happened to me once. Just quit the bot and start from scratch at clan wars. That fixed it for me.
  4. I run this script for 4-6 hours without babysitting. I've died once and the script made it back. Make sure its you follow his instructions. What spell are you using and what gear?
  5. Just take the tabs out at the beginning. Who in their right mind takes out a tab every time the bank? That's crazy talk. Just take all tabs at once.
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