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  1. the appeal failed so I guess they can have fun with the account.
  2. my account info is only on tribot.... i'd say its pretty likely...whoever did it is trying to steal the account though.... not just take my money and leave me alone.... it had like only 50m so I'm not worried but I want the account back.
  3. it's before emails so just figuring out the user is hard enough let alone the password. none of that is true, but hey whatever man... if it happens to someone else I warned yall. literally impossible to be able to guess both the login and the password. The email that popped up that took my account is shown as [email protected]******.com
  4. This computer was reset right before I installed tribot.... its the only thing ive use. it is impossible I was hacked any other way.
  5. My account was hacked by tribot as iv'e only entered it on tribot and runescape and just reset my computer so have no downloads that could be a key logger. be careful with the account information you put in tribot.
  6. why am i not having any problems? are only some scripts affected?
  7. Mine is working fine.
  8. needs tree id updated
  9. i need a ring of life then
  10. Love the script but im scared it will die and lose torso fire cape ect... can you make a below 10hp auto tele and logout please?
  11. kinda babysitting it but seems to be working well. tyvm mate perfect script for zerkers!
  12. 3 account 3 locs all take requirements and are not populated..... 0 hats in 27hours .... fml
  13. meh legends guild is the best honestly.