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  1. I already check instance manager and it said I had 0 instances running. I restarted my computer multiple times. I redownloaded the client and Java. But the script still won't work. Someone please help its been a week now. I don't want to chargeback money because the script is really good but I have to if any of the tribot staff can't resolve this for me.
  2. I just said it showed no instances there so either you didn't read my post or you are a bot.
  3. I cannot use any of my paid scripts because it says I already have a script running and since I am not VIP It won't run. I tried restarting and ending the client process multiple times but it still says I have script running when I don't. ALSO when I checked my instance manager it said I had no scripts running as well. I even tried re-downloading java but it still doesn't work. It has been 4 days and after constant researching and asking I haven't found an answer. Please answer, I think I've tried everything.
  4. When I tried buying a credit, after putting in my credit card info the website said payment authorization failed because account my be fraudulent. But when I looked into my bank account it said I got charged money. How do I fix this? I really don't want to call the bank for a chargeback I rather just have my rightful credits put into my account so I can start buying things on the website.
  5. Alching in dmm isnt working, just keeps clicking on the ground when u start the script, why?
  6. trusted and affordable price big thumbs up for this guy
  7. Can you make a secondary weapon option for basilisk,cocktrices and harpies because if i use 2handed weapon for slaying such as saradomin sword the script wont use weapon at all against these monsters.
  8. Nice script,gained 150k slayer xp so far For some reason my bot takes (3) dose prayer potions instead of (4) and that leads to banking while doing a task,not a big problem but i think its worth mentioning. cannon support would be nice idk if its even possible to make.
  9. It ran perfectly for the 18k, but unfortunately I missed the ending screenshot before I got back home from school. I took one in the morning. Thank you for the wonderful script, will be getting 99.
  10. Bought 18k cosmic runes, will post proggy after I'm done.
  11. You should add potion support,otherwise good script
  12. there is no download link
  13. Bot spamclicking and running circle when leaving altar,otherwise good script.
  14. Order size: 15m Payment method: paypal Contact info: skype byyttaa Have u added me already: yup. Just bought 15m from this guy.Fast and helpfull
  15. Coal trucks or any coal mining script would be awesome. Also smithing/smelting script would be nice.