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  1. Is there ornate pool support and barrows teleport spell support? Ex. Teleport to barrows via spell, loot chest, home tele, ornate pool, repeat. This is aimed towards high levels that don't need to bank.
  2. All 3 99 from Encoded scripts. 10/10!
  3. Stuck on the Deposit Box screen not depositing the ores. This is at MLM. EDIT: Working again. No issues so far
  4. 99 Firemaking and 99 Fishing from Auto Wintertodt Pro and Auto Fisher Pro. Thanks Encoded!
  5. Does this work at the hosidius kitchen remodel?
  6. @Naton Add support for locator orb from DS 2? Better version of the rock cake; one click instead of two.
  7. Need 9 credits for 9m osrs. Thanks
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