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  1. Thank you for adding this. Will try it out! Honestly, all your scripts are god like. Cheers!
  2. @Naton Add support for locator orb from DS 2? Better version of the rock cake; one click instead of two.
  3. 99 FM achieved, thanks!
  4. Need 9 credits for 9m osrs. Thanks
  5. I'll sell you one for 700k. Skype: tmychen925
  6. @Encoded It'd be really awesome if you could add a new fishing location: Land's End. There are fishing spots for small net, big net, cage and harpoon to catch most common fish up to sharks. Location is in Great Kourend and the fishing pot is close to a bank and deposit box. Legit no one fishes here and it'd be great place to hide from mods. Specifically the left fishing spot. Thanks!
  7. Have 5 codes left to get rid of. PM me or Add me on Skype: tmychen925
  8. Can sell you some for 1m/ea, skype:tmychen925
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