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  1. helloworldlol

    Playing a simple "ding"?

    Awesome haha, thanks
  2. helloworldlol

    Playing a simple "ding"?

    Thanks, that looks much nicer. Doesn't seem to play a ding though, I only get a notification. Probably just a setting somewhere on my laptop for notifications, right?
  3. helloworldlol

    Playing a simple "ding"?

    Hey, anyone have a snippet to play a simple beep noise? It can be the default window's ding or something, something simple
  4. helloworldlol


    delete plz
  5. helloworldlol

    Camera.turnToTile takes forever to return

    @TRiLeZ Can this be fixed? I feel like it's pretty easy to detect a bot when after every time it turns the camera (which is something people do very often...) it pauses for 2-3 seconds.
  6. helloworldlol

    Camera.turnToTile takes forever to return

    It doesn't return anything
  7. Camera.turnToTile takes a good 2-3 seconds from when the camera was turned for the method to return. Is there any specific reason for this? Does anyone know if a combination of Camera.setAngle and setRotation be faster?
  8. helloworldlol

    Why does my script do things I don't code in

    From your point of view the antiban helps you because it helps thousands of people paying for your script to not be identical. In my case it doesn't help me if i only make scripts for myself, it's just an arbitrary random action And nah i wouldn't complain about that haha
  9. helloworldlol

    Why does my script do things I don't code in

    It doesn't mess up anything, I just don't want it in my script. Hence why i didn't code it in Thanks for the help boys
  10. For example in a cooking script, while cooking the camera will occasionally turn to the bank and hover the mouse over it. I didn't code this in and I'm guessing it's some stupid tribot antiban thing. How do I disable this, and why isn't this automatically disabled?
  11. helloworldlol

    Weapon enum

    Zammy hasta isn't two handed
  12. helloworldlol


    Does this return nothing if the player is not on the screen? public RSItem[] getEquipment() Gets the items which are equipped by the player (taken from the player appearance).Returns: RSItem[]. Has an array length of zero if the player is not wearing any visible items. E: And will it return a degraded barrows item? I.E if someone was wearing a Torag's platebody 75, would it return the 75 or just Torag's Platebody? This method uses appearance so I don't see how it would know that it's degraded to 75
  13. helloworldlol

    How to actually tell if I'm being attacked?

    This doesn't work because it returns true if they are following you, like I said haha