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  1. Tried using today but when I start script I just get a big white box appear on screen. The level + exp paint appears on client but nothing else seems to happen.
  2. I would limit it to 1/2 runs of 100 seeds which for me was about 1 hour.
  3. Everyone using this script please pay attention to the authors warning about not playing this for too long. This kind of minigame is the type that makes it hard for bots to look human because its so systematic and is dependant on timing meaning it can't do stuff liking afking. You will get banned if you don't seriously limit your usage.
  4. Same. Seems to manage an invent or 2 then just stops doing anything.
  5. Description of the bug: When I run script xPrayerPro runs insteadHow often does it occur: 100% of the timeBot/Client debug: N/AWhat is the version of the script: Not known but last update was Sun, 11 Feb 2018, 6:16PM GMT and tried to use today.What settings did you select in the GUI?: Could not access GUIStatus of the script when the bug occurs: Could not run script
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