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  1. some scripts are outdated so do some research before you buy them. but most are working and stable. in my case the old script are working better than the new ones
  2. Dont bot same thing for 8 hours straight. i started a new account when i bought tribot 45-50 days ago ish. its still alive and i have 950 total level, 70 atk str def range. 94 fletching and a few skills here and there. mostly used sigma's fletcher for moneymaking for bonds and equipment. tri's combat script for 1-50 stats and range. and nmz for when i got the stats above 50-60. i would usally bot 1-2 hours fletching or a random skill, then maybe 1-2 hours break or maybe even more, then some combat training. a golden rule i set myself for this account was max 8 hours a day and only bot when im home. there has been a few times i forgot to turn off the bot when i went outside and went like 10 hours straight, but im not banned yet im not a master at botting or anything but ask me if you need some help or tips
  3. LG client is the normal client. LG is outdated but some staff said it should be up today sometime. To use LG just select "New Client (Looking Glass) after you logged into the client. https://gyazo.com/5021a1b12bd571a77ec5f741d1ffde1e
  4. Got any tips for cheap armour? void got nerfed so im not gonna get that, but i also dont got much to spend on armour :\
  5. im not botting without LG. for me LG has made a huge difference
  6. This could be because of the update and hooks not being updated. btw can someone give me a inventory setup and settings for 70-80 hp :)?
  7. Operating System: windows 7 ultimate (Cracked) Java Version: jdk1.8.0_131 Issue I'm Having: Normal client works "fine" just some the screen flickers white every now and then, also it move a pixle left and right. Looking Glass not working. What Script I'm trying to use: havent gotten so far yet Extra: https://gyazo.com/0d47338a6bab7ff8e1dc3d2e4ea1a8a2 (looking glass)
  8. I just checked it out and the feature i was thinking about was the "highway". sadly you cant add custom proxies to it.
  9. I think there is a option in osbuddy where you can use proxies ^ if that dosent work your only option is to use vmware
  10. I thought i had put it wouldent auto pay but i was wrong and it bought extra vip for me, could someone tell me if i did it right this time :)? https://gyazo.com/c6b64a4b51978c968803077cb290642c btw its alright that it happend this time so i dont want refund or anything. really happy with tribot. 35 days on the same account and still going strong.
  11. ^ i use teamviewer to setup my bot, but to cancel quickly i use the botpanel
  12. you sure? cause i tried some wc script 2-3 weeks ago and they were working fine. there wasent many working scripts but i found a script that would chop at my custom location and bank. the pathing was a bit wonky but it worked
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