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  1. currently staying in an apartment in Bali, not sure either alternative I can do :(. All good i shall wait for the great man! Cheers for the help, I appreciate it
  2. thank you einstein, was wondering if anyone else had problems also/anyone else could fix as it seems todd hasnt been online for a few days now unfortunately.
  3. Hello! I am currently living in another country and have been asked to complete security checks when opening my tribot loader as seen below: https://gyazo.com/5b1e2ced5ec031f3eb7150f7a1d7e5e9 When i scroll down to enter the data required, i am not able to read the question nor make sense of what it is asking, as seen below: https://gyazo.com/7df8e739f54501f08778c28f0988d800 My last problem is when i am selecting the images, I am only able to see the first full column and half of the second, thus not being able to select all of the available images... as seen below: https://gyazo.com/50d5b269f3f36c91779f1ebee3dc9375 At the moment, i am aimlessly guessing what three photos go together and hoping theyre in the first or second columns... As you can imagine, i am not havijng any such luck.... Has anyone had any problems like this before and if so, how did you fix it?
  4. does he usually reply quickly? still no response
  5. for some reason my ip is blacklisted, it asks for a captcha to be entered but i am unable to see the question nor the 9 options to click. im only able to see the first row down clearly and then half of the second row. any suggestions on how to expand the window to be able to see the full photos and question?
  6. thank you, im currently overseas (Bali) and was wondering what was happening! @todd you would be a lifesaver
  7. Hello, when opening tribot i am asked to enter 'one more step please complete the security check to access tribot.org' and then scroll down a little bit on the right handside of the window and am prompted with a series of photos (presumably asked a question like tick all photos with cars in it etc) but i am unable to see all of the photos or the question. i cannot scroll left or right. when making the screen maximum size, the tribot window does not enlarge, rather stays the same size with a black border. Any ideas of how to fix this? Cheers
  8. think this just leaves you in the restricted area when you first enter a game... must be broken?
  9. [17:06:17] OPTIONS: [17:06:17] - Mouse speed: 94 [17:06:17] - Save on system update: true [17:06:17] - Print antiban debug: true [17:06:17] - Enable antiban reaction: false [17:06:17] - Use esc button: true [17:06:17] Checking for tasks... [17:06:19] Task: No skill - Infinite, (14 Ranging potion(4) + 14 Vial -> 14 Ranging potion(2)), [-1, -1, -1] [17:06:28] [ABC2] Hovering entity [17:06:29] Combine items: Skill: null; First item: Ranging potion(4); Second item: Vial; Product: Ranging potion(2); First item amount: 14; Second item amount: 14; Product amount: 14; Master interface id: -1; Child interface id: -1; Component interface id: -1; Amount: 2147483647; Amount left: 2147483647; Stop level: -1 Think it has something to do with the settings and wait time? playing around with that now
  10. thnk you for the response. could get it running not to sure how iv written the commands incorrectly. would only use the 4 dose pot on the vial once and stop
  11. Hello, iv tried to use this script to decant 4 dose potions into 2. I have left skill as none as no experience is gained. I have added the: Ranging potion(4) and 14, Vial and 14 and the finished product of Ranging potion(2) and 14. No interfaces were touched nor entered any id's. I left the amount at-1 and stop level at -1 so it should make untill finished. The script only decants one potion into a two dose and stops. What am i doing wrong?
  12. Was getting a pure made up and wondering if anyone knows of a script/tool that helps with decanting (4) dose potions down to (3),(2) or even (1)?
  13. any chance a feature could be added that runs north and south to ensure only one npc is attacking at all times? would greatly increase the length of games for a pure? also seems to me when iv ticked 'pick up ammo' when using a blowpipe it equips the mithril darts and then the blowpipe. constantly swaps between them. anyway it can just pick up the ammo and leave in inventory ? (1 prayer so no ava's).
  14. Just wondering if it is possible to get it to run north and then south to ensure only one npc is attacking it at anytime ?
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