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  1. can not save the profile it says to check if valid settings are selected and everything is selected just fine
  2. figers

    daxCombat v2

    It sometimes does not recognise loot and does not pick it up, then it needs a restart to work again. Also, when nothing is set to withdraw from bank, the bot just clicks on back and the X to escape the bank interface, when it needs to deposit items. Also, if the connection was lost it sometimes gets stuck of the same targets that were before disconnection, and does not pick new ones, basically freezes.
  3. Awesome bot if not doing mlm. Mlm is quite crowded, therefor you get reported oftenly, so the ban rates are high, 3/3 mlm only accounts have been banned, however powermining is awesome, low banrates, 10/10 works flawlessly
  4. nice bot, have gotten 2 of my my accounts to 75, but they got banned, probably due to chainban, anyway, going to try this bot on pwermining now, gonna switch up from motherload.
  5. figers

    daxCombat v2

    Report: When the bot climbs up the ladder in edgeville at men, he stands in one place and doesnt go down
  6. Got my account banned yday got itself to 72 mining. The ban came in as i proceeded to mine in the upper floor. so according to that i think at mlm staying at the lower level will provide a safer area to mine for the bot, less reports.
  7. Created 15 accounts, all of them got banned within 1 hr of use of this bot
  8. Working fine in mlm got 1/3 account banned. The remaning 2 are going strong one 71 mining other 55 mining. Bot is good, works almost flawlesly.
  9. Is it safe to use this script on your main? What are the ban rates? I guess a bot like this should be less detectable because of how it works and how it does, but still, don't want to lose my account.
  10. The bot was working fine yesterday, but now all it does is stand in one place until disconnection. Is it because of the update?