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  1. Very helpful for specialized botting. Might have to design a personal script for a certain spawning goldfarm now.
  2. Maze randoms been working fine for me from june to july. Not sure why everyone is suggesting certain randoms are failing when they aren't for me and many others as well.
  3. Understandably the randoms are hard to keep up with at times; depending on the skill you're botting the randoms may be fixed or somewhat buggy, Rs updates ID's pretty frequently to my knowledge and ban waves are tied together closely with such.
  4. luck of the draw in locations like that, you might 2 you might get none. its all chance when there's easily 50+ people on well known locations
  5. Varrock west bank (basement) Varrock west bank (anvil room) Zaff's staff shop (2nd floor) Drayner: Wise Old Man's House (2nd floor) Rock crabs Wilderness volcano Mage arena Gnome village (2nd floor) Falador patch for everyone who wants to know
  6. Yup. Just wish they didn't change the spawns, I racked up around that in masks and most phats are worth more than what masks were atm so theyre good money if you have more than one account. Running two last night I got 3. in a week averaged out(we all know its possible to get 5+ a day) 7days (x) 3phats (x) 4m each = 84m for 7 days not bad money imo better than botting flax like most of the 100+ leechers viewing this thread do
  7. why are you random beggars so goddamn stupid, nobodys gunna give you a phat/location in exchange for an e-heart
  8. it should appear there if you did it correctly, instead of unzipping just drag and drop into the appdata folder.
  9. I'm not sure why people like you post theses things... go to one of the 100 spots, run bot for half a day and i guarentee you will get at least one phat made 15m since last night, luckily theres 7 days of these expensive drops
  10. nobody will share there location, but you can bet that its one of the 100 locations that are public, find one yourself
  11. now i just need words to be released so i can run this overnight on my spot... cba to make a script for this atm , although ill probably release one for the next tradeable rare
  12. Just got a red under 10 mins of running... disabled input and minimized the window... came back and had a red sitting in inventory was using justins, can vouch for it getting the job done. obviously not as good as words but i'll give the guy credit for having it fill in for a while, thanks justin you just got me 70 prayer with that cash
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