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  1. Hillary or Trump
  2. OH MY GOD
  3. ^ This has helped me so much in the past. I highly recommend you go ahead and join the discord. It's basically like skype in every way and more.
  4. Good luck, I was going to offer but tbh I ain't sitting there for like 150 inventories lol.
  5. @Browstar I kinda had the same problem. I loved this script so much when it was in Beta but once it came out fully to the public I got banned 5-10 hours later. I was able to use it for 1 week straight tho before it came out with no ban :D. Sorry for your loss, but as you said we can't blame the script itself... #FUCKYOUJAGEX
  6. I plan on buying this script, has there been fixes to the latest issues yet or not?
  7. Love the script, was just wondering if 1 auth meant only 1 account being able to be botted?
  8. ^It keeps doing this randomly for some reason after a good hour or so into the script. Stats - Gear - Gui -
  9. I keep dieing at zulrah on a lvl 118 :/
  10. Just added you - skillzy12
  11. on the beta v2 i'm getting a message saying FINISH MSG: out of null (-1) Im pretty sure its searching for something in the bank but it can't find it or something. I have all the items it needs so I have no idea why its doing this. --- Also it happens right after taking out the 2 prayer potions I want it to take it. It searchs for "null" and it can't find it then the script turns off.
  12. So, if I invest in 2-3 proxies basically your telling me if 1 account on the proxie gets banned then the rest of my accounts won't since there not on the same ip?
  13. I am currently botting on a VPS that can handle 4-5 LG Clients. Thing is I just got banned on all of my accounts that I botted up, even accounts that I botted up as backup accounts just incase accounts where to get banned. I am thinking this is because I didn't use any proxies at all. Question - How needed are proxies for botting multiple accounts?