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  1. Hello, I've come across this bug a few times today. The bot was lagging and died here, but now when the bot tries this again, it always click on the grave and gets stuck. Can you make it so it takes the items in the grave or make it not click it? Thanks alot!
  2. ikkeflikkeri


    I tried to do that, but the hide button wasn't working for me. Otherwise I would have also taken a screenshot from that. I"ll try again next time.
  3. ikkeflikkeri


    This new version is really great, have used it on a lot of accounts. But sometimes they get stuck in this stage below, what does this mean? It just waits there forever.
  4. ikkeflikkeri


    Hello, I've noticed this script just broke with the latest runescape update. It gets stuck trying to open the options tab and outside the first house it walks in the wrong direction. It would be fantastic if you could fix these issues. Thanks alot!
  5. I was talking about all quests that need to use spells to kill something. For example, I'm having this issue with Witch's House.
  6. I've had an issue with staffs, when it equips a staff it doesnt select the spell. So it attacks the mobs with melee attacks instead of magic spells. Any idea why this is happening?
  7. Hello, really nice script! Just a suggestion here: Can you make it so Druidic Ritual buys and uses food? Right now i die there with a level 3 with 10 hp. Thanks!
  8. Hello, nice scripts! Been using it on a few accounts. But I just noticed the 7QP parameter is not working anymore. The scripts starts and end immediately. Any ideas why or is this a bug?
  9. this won't be for public use anymore, removed the script.
  10. There must be somthing wrong, if you use it now please keep an eye on it. I will investigate when i have time.
  11. This was caused by lag, if the bank took too long to open, i added a failsafe for it. Should not happen again now. I will also see if i can upgrade the break handling.
  12. Seems to be an issue while getting new dynamite, im looking into it
  13. I just added world hopping if world is occupied and tweaked the timing a little bit, maybe it will be better now. Version 0.9 is available The next thing i'll add is eating if hp is low.
  14. Im implementing world hopping now, will check it when thats done. Have you seen it happen? What was it doing? Maybe antiban has some effect on the timing.
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