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  1. ikkeflikkeri


    Hello, nice scripts! Been using it on a few accounts. But I just noticed the 7QP parameter is not working anymore. The scripts starts and end immediately. Any ideas why or is this a bug?
  2. this won't be for public use anymore, removed the script.
  3. There must be somthing wrong, if you use it now please keep an eye on it. I will investigate when i have time.
  4. This was caused by lag, if the bank took too long to open, i added a failsafe for it. Should not happen again now. I will also see if i can upgrade the break handling.
  5. Seems to be an issue while getting new dynamite, im looking into it
  6. I just added world hopping if world is occupied and tweaked the timing a little bit, maybe it will be better now. Version 0.9 is available The next thing i'll add is eating if hp is low.
  7. Im implementing world hopping now, will check it when thats done. Have you seen it happen? What was it doing? Maybe antiban has some effect on the timing.
  8. I'll look into it, maybe i'll add a world switcher if there is someone else using the rocks.
  9. As you said it has a limit of 450 of any ore, and the script will collect them when its full.
  10. I know what causes the issue, i will be implementing the fix when i get home from work. Thanks for the feedback!
  11. I just implemented ABCL2 (29 points), will be adding more in future updates.
  12. Thank you very much! I will post screenshots soon to show how good it is
  13. Thank you, I just did that. I am now waiting for it to be accepted.
  14. !!! DELETED !!! EasyBlastMine (beta v0.9) This script will blast rocks at the blast mine. You can start it anywhere and will walk there and take the required items. The ores will also be collected when the ore sack is full. Using world hop when place is occupied. This will get you 450k/h easily if you have 75+ mining. 100% Lovakengj house favour is required to access the blast mine. ABCL2 (29 points) is implemented, will be implementing more soon. Please try it out, this is my first script. Also post bugs if you find any, i will actively fix bugs and add features. Get the script here: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2568-easyblastmine/ TODO: Eating when hp is low
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