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  1. Beautiful script. Great cannoning, great combat, great potion user/banker. One possible suggestion, more options for weapon spec? As in, Spec when X% until you reach X%, so for a DDS, it'll spec at 100% down to 0. Rather then setting it to 25 and just having it spec once every couple minutes- think it'd be beneficial to spec only once it reaches 100%. Also, maybe add in a spec at X life percentage so for those training with Saradomin Godswords. Just a thought, great script!
  2. ToxicSmile

    Down time?

    It's been working perfectly for weeks now
  3. You have to research the script a little before using it. Just because it's in the repository does not mean it is a good script- many of them are unsupported and are no longer being taken care of. This will result in very fast bans. Plus, you'r F2P. And the accounts have no been around long, which increases the possibility of ban
  4. Likely because the reason their method is "safe" is because everyone is not using it. When everyone is doing "the best method", that method gets discovered quite a bit faster then if it's only a handful of people doing so.
  5. Control-Alt-Delete, make sure there's no process still running in the background. If you don't know how to do that, a simple computer restart should work fine. Give it 5 minutes and give it another go. Should be fine
  6. Still no luck, wasn't using to begin with. Deleted the folder and downloaded the script fresh but same issue. Just shuts off saying no coins or bones in inventory no matter what options I select. Will do, need your skype name though please when you get the chance. Your signature link is'nt working.
  7. Thank you, let me know if you find anything. I'll give it a go later once I'm off of work (so I can babysit) and see if it happens again to possibly find out why
  8. Was doing barb fishing today. I use your script without babysitting because it's usually flawless but today when I got on my lunch break, I noticed it just standing there with the status of "Dropping Junk." I scrolled through the logs and realize it had been doing so for about 3 hours. Here's a screenshot
  9. Rimmington edit: if you're able to get this fixed, could you refresh my access so I can check it out? Need a good script for 99 prayer
  10. Using at my own house- i have glory, i have a ring of dueling, I have house portals, I have tabs to teleport. Nothing works. Whenever i finish my inventory of dragon bones, the script will exit the house and shut off "We are out of Coins or Bones. Stopping script." @xCode
  11. Currently melee'ing rock crabs at Rellekka West. It only lasts until the crabs lose agro, then it runs back and forth trying to get them to re-agro but it never runs far enough away and just repeats this process indefinitely. I'm testing East right now to see if it has the same issue. Will update on findings East works perfectly
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