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  1. Bot seems to work great, however I did encounter a bug (10 minutes ago) where the bot tries to click on the fishing spot through the minimap (which is not possible) it zigzagged back and forth while right clicking and left clicking the fishing spot (which was hidden by the chat). I think my account might get flagged after that, but it's alright. I've gone from 48->75 fishing whilst botting around 6-8 hours a day with breaks and the slider on 1. The script is great and works perfectly fine, it is only normal for bugs to occur.
  2. Pretty sure it loads when you press "New Client". It's an automatic thing.
  3. So I tried the script for some time in f2p and managed to not get banned. The stats that the script gained me is the row from mining down to woodcutting. The rest of the stats I botted with other scripts. The bot is still going strong and have yet to be banned. Sometimes the bot would get stuck but it didn't happen often. Cool script, definitely has a lot of potential. Well done!
  4. AlphaSmither Pro 1 auth is 2 instances, If I buy it again I will get 4 instances right? (Can you sell me 5 credits btw, your website says you're offline).
  5. Need another 8 credits! EDIT: Was in a hurry, already bought. Sorry!
  6. What are you trying to say? It looks like you were having a seizure typing that
  7. Yah I remember that video. It's very old. He makes more than doctors and lawyers or something lol.
  8. tfw an online game has a better economic system than your country ecks dee lol
  9. Yeah man Venezuela is a hard place right now. Stay strong.
  10. Sadly no. I'm also a rookie when it comes to botting (Compared to others on here).
  11. I made two cannon ball bots. The first account was gonna be a barrows bot, but I wasn't bothered questing that much on it. I botted 40+ range and 70+ magic on it before I quit trying to finish it. I let that account rest for like a week and then I played on it myself for a bit, did Knights Sword and some other f2p quests. I got 35 smithing on it and then waited again. While I was waiting I made another account which I hand played untill I was 35 smithing and like 16 combat. I waited till Thursday before bonding them since I've heard that Jagex don't work on Fridays. During the weekend I made back what the bonds cost and they the bots still haven't been banned as of yet (I run still run them 7-8 hours a day). I also had an account that I handplayed till 75 WC. I've currently botted 14m+ xp on it without using LG and using a free WC script. I think that hand playing them at first plays a huge role in reducing bans.
  12. Redaf

    NMZ help

    So I have this account with 70 Strength, Attack and Defence that I really want to max (combat not max total). I just want to know what the best way to do it is, like what quests do I have to complete for NMZ etc.
  13. Redaf

    LG Being Weird?

    Download the x86 JDK and run it instead.
  14. I'm probably going to buy this later, but during the trial I noticed a few things that would make this script even better. Pot Support Turn run back on after dying Xp/hr Gp/hr Points/hr Games/hr The most important ones in my opinion would be the first two.
  15. Redaf

    18 Credits

    My bad I'm retarded
  16. Redaf

    18 Credits

    18,8m Is 1,1m each
  17. Redaf

    Gold Farm Question.

    How do you prepare those motherload mine bots? Like do you do any quests, where do you get 30 mining etc. And how do your breaks look like?
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