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  1. Hard-leather bodies aren't working. I get the same error as above where the guy had trouble crafting dhide bodies. Fix please?
  2. Having an issue with the crabs at waterbirth. When it notices that there's a person in my spot, (typically I use the south spot,) it will run to the other side of the island like it's trying to reset it's aggro rather than log out. It does this for around 15 minutes before the script just abruptly ends, I haven't been able to run this script for longer than 2-3 hours because of this. Any idea how to fix it?
  3. I'm having similar issues as the people above me. After the latest tribot update the bot is clicking incredibly slow and bot-like for the graveyard as well as the telekinetic room. It's making me get less than half the points I usually get. Let me know when it's fixed, thanks
  4. How are you supposed to not run out of impling jars? Should I buy them before I start the bot? Should I start the bot with specific settings so I can exchange? I'm really confused as to how to make this bot work.
  5. I seriously don't understand why the account manager password is constantly messing up. Can we seriously get a fix for this please? I'm unable to use my bots until this is fixed and it's stupid.
  6. I'm still having issues using my account manager. It constantly says I'm using the wrong password. Sometimes it works, most times it doesn't. Any way I can get rid of the password altogether?
  7. I attempted to put an account manager encryption password/key. It constantly says I'm entering the wrong password, even though I'm 100% positive I'm not. Is this a bug or a glitch? Can this be fixed easily?
  8. yea plz sum1 make a gnome script that wud be so nice