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  1. If you use your ballsack to controll the mouse Jagex gives you 20%+ exp :')
  2. Still wanted the option to choose 'maxed' so it skips looking people up -Tuno
  3. Quick suggestion, add a 'maxed' option bypassing the need to use the highscores and therefore increasing speed
  4. Mine is timing out and showing there stats as 100 100 100 wtf
  5. Stupidly I brought another Auth on an alternative login (just yesterday) before you released the 125$ thing, wondering if that could be refunded so I could buy it lol
  6. What feature does this have that makes it worth it over the currently available script?
  7. Yohojo with the moves
  8. I will buy the lot if the price is right
  9. Welcome friend
  10. Have 3/4 gdk mules you could do this on
  11. Would buy if a 1-99 feature was implemented Logs 1-20 Oaks 20-40 Willows 40-60 Maples 60-99 Xoxo Gossipgirl
  12. Its so obvious and they are all in the one spot