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  1. If you use your ballsack to controll the mouse Jagex gives you 20%+ exp :')
  2. Still wanted the option to choose 'maxed' so it skips looking people up -Tuno
  3. Quick suggestion, add a 'maxed' option bypassing the need to use the highscores and therefore increasing speed
  4. Mine is timing out and showing there stats as 100 100 100 wtf
  5. Stupidly I brought another Auth on an alternative login (just yesterday) before you released the 125$ thing, wondering if that could be refunded so I could buy it lol
  6. What feature does this have that makes it worth it over the currently available script?
  7. Yohojo with the moves
  8. I don't think that 2 month window is reasonable, since he did pay for it and was evidently away..
  9. Nothing is really proven, but because you have an account 'banned' on your IP address it is possible that your IP has been flagged by Jagex and is now monitored more closely in regards to accounts being bot and bans. However it could also be possible you were just incredibly unlucky and received the two bans seemingly simultaneously (for instance both were reported). Boting again from the same IP could be risky, but I have personally done it with no worries. Some will insist on you changing your IP, or potentially purchasing an external IP adress from someone else
  10. The script is free, the client requires VIP. The script is Paid, the client doesn't require VIIP. Don't like it don't come. On a side note, if you pick flax for 75 hours and sell the Gp at 2.15$/M (you can PM me for my skype) you could purchase V.I.P from one of our friendly members who offer the service.
  11. Do you even runescape? Woodcut is a suicide skill
  12. Seers Yews, more trees therefore more logs an hour
  13. I will buy the lot if the price is right
  14. 20 hours a day seems excess, I would try cut it back to 16 hours.