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  1. Sir,Exercise shells works well, when there is a sale of cannonball, the mouse can't accurate click Confirm, and then repeated cycle of operations, the script won't work
  2. Cannot be found in the list of premium to buy script, please repair as soon as possible
  3. ?recently purchased scripts appear and dissappear after start script ,Tribot server when can repair, please complete and return to normal use?
  4. On Thursday after the update, the mouse is moving from left to right, and unable to forge weapons!!
  5. Can add Steel Bar GE replenishment? And if not, any chance that you might add it?
  6. 1377844910_QQ20181120223613.png.c0d78d497867900fabd063156b9b478e.pngStart script, no response at bank







  7. @godspower33Too good, I will always focus on you?
  8. @ godspower33 As for requirements: natural spirit, disturbing the ghost the yellow peril Pray in the lats Prist: 40 Send support: Salve graveyard teleport Look forward to you as soon as possible to launch send support: Salve cemetery transmit foot fungus, this edition is let me know, thank you When I can't find it in the list is started...
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