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  1. azx000

    Auto Smither

    is it possible to update this? please and thank you
  2. azx000

    Auto Smither

    After the update, can't work normally
  3. azx000

    Auto Smither

    On Thursday after the update, the script will not take steel bar from the bank!!
  4. After the update on March 8th, script doesn't work

  5. After the update on March 8th, script doesn't work
  6. azx000

    Einstein's Scripting Tutorial

    Can you customize a script for me
  7. azx000

    PowerMiner v1

    I wonder if you can customize the script if you can
  8. azx000

    [Request] runite miner

    I need a wash script
  9. azx000

    Need a script

    Customize a mining script, please contact me if you can
  10. azx000


    Hello, I want to customize a script
  11. azx000

    TRiBot Release 9.305_1 - Temporary Patch

    I hope this be fixed soon!
  12. Why, in accordance with the instructions to set up, 4 hours only killed 13, this is why, who can tell me? thank you