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  1. @godspower33Too good, I will always focus on you
  2. @ godspower33 As for requirements: natural spirit, disturbing the ghost the yellow peril Pray in the lats Prist: 40 Send support: Salve graveyard teleport Look forward to you as soon as possible to launch send support: Salve cemetery transmit foot fungus, this edition is let me know, thank you When I can't find it in the list is started...
  3. azx000

    VIP-E cant run free scripts

    The same story!!!!
  4. azx000

    Auto Smither

    @Encoded 2018/9/20 updated, script failures.Standing on the edge of the stove, doing nothing
  5. azx000

    Auto Smither

    is it possible to update this? please and thank you
  6. azx000

    Auto Smither

    After the update, can't work normally
  7. azx000

    Auto Smither

    On Thursday after the update, the script will not take steel bar from the bank!!
  8. After the update on March 8th, script doesn't work

  9. After the update on March 8th, script doesn't work
  10. azx000

    Einstein's Scripting Tutorial - Part 1

    Can you customize a script for me
  11. azx000

    PowerMiner v1

    I wonder if you can customize the script if you can
  12. azx000

    [Request] runite miner

    I need a wash script