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  1. |w| Constructor [REWRITTEN 2.0] [ABC2 L10]

    How long do users normally run this bot at a time? Doing 3 hours a day
  2. I want to train my magic in NMZ so I can bot for long periods of time with smaller risk of ban. 86 Mage with 99 Def, will use ovls and absorption pots.. Anyone know what spell is decent priced to cast and which monsters? + the xp rate of it? Thanks
  3. I was under the impression it is a combat & magic script, as its in the title of script, and states in description it supports all magic including the one mentioned in my post.
  4. I've had 2 temp bans on this account, dont know how I got away with it.
  5. Do you know if using outdated scripts result in jagex's automatic bot detector to catch you out easier?
  6. I think I'll have to definitely reconsider then. For anyone interested i'm using Troll's Tan leather script, as it is giving me a steady income of about 500k gp p/hr + 90k mage xp.
  7. The only reason I bot is to play my main when its maxed, i just need mage up
  8. Say im using a script that has a dead thread, and seems to be outdated. But it works fine, aside from not seeing any ABC10 lines of code. anyone shed a light for me on this? Should i maybe not use the script on main?
  9. Hi, I'm trying to use this bot for magic training. However the problem I have is that it will stop the bot and log out stating "Ran out of items". The bot runs smoothly for 1-5 minutes then it will claim it has ran out of items in the bank, which is wrong. Any support on this?
  10. Stand-still skills @ Bank locations?

    A lot of people that are banned last location is castlewars bank so i avoid that one
  11. I need to spend 100/200 Hours at a bank using the tan leather spell to get 99 mage. So far I'm using: Pest control bank > duel arena bank on busy world > edgeville bank on bh world Where are your favourite banks to do such skills?
  12. Future of tribot???

    i agree, lolwat
  13. I have a friend who only done half games because he doesn't like botting that long in consecutive session. To be fair its not 100% undetectable, you can still get caught by the banhammer in nmz. Always take the repercussions on main accounts you dont want to lose.
  14. Personally I cant believe anyone would bot without VIP Extended. It's as safe as you can get.