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  1. No matter what I do I can't get this script to work. I have to think it's because of the client not being fixed yet but seems like others in this thread have gotten it to work for them.. My other scripts working more or less fine though. Will test again tomorrow, hope client is fixed soon.
  2. undertheradar

    [ABCL 10] ExShopper - AIO Shop Buyer & Seller

    Could we please please please have the script work with the break handler? I got over confident with this script and had some accounts banned. I know my mistakes and think everyone would LOVE this script to work with the break handler. Thank you!!
  3. undertheradar

    TRiBot Release 9.305_1 - Temporary Patch

    Login bot and all scripts not working for me too at the moment
  4. undertheradar

    Tri Puro Puro - 1m+ / hour - N VIP required

    Been trying the trial out and have 2 issue. One major and one minor. Major - When starting the script or when the player is back after banking and starting in the center of the maze. The character will push through to Lane 1 and then push through back to center. Then will push through back to Lane, then push through back to center. It will repeat this process for a few minutes and then somehow fix itself. This behavior has an extremely bot looking. I've attached two partial gifts of when the script goes to lane 1, then goes back to center. I'm not talking about a few times, I'm talking about over 20 times in a short period of time. https://gyazo.com/43e1b190d507797e627f592ce329ad8a https://i.gyazo.com/6027bf94f29475e5dcfe59a0283a9c92.mp4 Minor - paint graphic. The paint only seems to update when I catch an eclectic and no other lower level impling.
  5. undertheradar

    |w| Quests [ABCL 10] [NOW FREE]

    Thank you that seemed to do the trick :). One thing to note about the waterfall quest is 2/4 accounts I had complete it today got stuck on the island part where he needs to use rope to rock and the bot could not do it because the bot would not turn the camera to see it and it cannot click what it doesn't see? This was the second time he needs to rope across island the first time he makes it. Anyways if it happens again I will ss with logs. Ran a simple chain quest on 2 accounts at the same time of rune mysteries and cook assistance, didn't even glance at them for awhile came back and both had easily completed the quests and logged out :). Great scripter!!
  6. undertheradar

    |w| Quests [ABCL 10] [NOW FREE]

    I had just used this bot to successfully complete the waterfall quest on two accounts before runescape's update they launched today. Now I attempted to do the waterfall quest on two new accounts after the update and get hit by a continuous error message on both clients, 1 of them managed to bank and withdraw items and teleport with games necklace and walk over and open the gate and door to almer's house and then got stuck. The other one refuses to get past the very first stage of going to bank and opening for items. Similar error message on both. I will attach screen shots. Stuck just after Almer's door opening Stuck at the bank in the beginning Only reason this script isn't working now but was working perfectly a couple hours ago has to be the new update. Please fix
  7. undertheradar

    Client Starter Bug on Linux [Debian 7.0 x86 VPS]

    I'm using Virmach's Runescape VPS, not sure what version of Linux it's running. But I am having the exact same issue, would think a Runescape botting VPS would cater towards this though. It will just be stuck at the same point as the OPs. Did OP find a fix or anyone else? Obviously on Windows more or less working on fine.
  8. Hey I was wondering if the argument name has changed or if you or anyone could help me with the client starter, it works for everything except loading and starting the script. I double checked names, for mistakes and everything seems to match. What can I do to fix this? So basically when I click run it will start the client, auto login, attempt to use the script, says the settings failed to load and name is invalid? And will be prompted with the GUI which is the part I am trying to skip and have it auto log in and start scripting. As you can see with these screenshots the names all match. How can I fix this?
  9. Hi, was wondering if I purchase the $6 for 2 weeks if I can upgrade to lifetime for the difference amount? This would definitely incentivize me and other potential people on the fence.
  10. Thank you for the advice. I believe after testing it is a combination of two things. The one I tested with using my VPS IP proxy, I did not verify my e-mail and still have not, I completed tutorial island and have relogged a few times and have not been locked. The other 5 accounts I have used with 5 separate proxies purchased from another site were all temporarily locked. 2 of them I attempted to verify the e-mail address mid tutorial island. All methods and outcomes of these accounts resulted in an immediate lock upon attempting to relog post-tutorial island. 4/5 of the accounts it was just as you said and through the runescape client (important, it does not work through the website) I was able to request and complete a simple password reset and have now easily gained access back to all of them. For now. the 1/5 I attempted to do through website or for some reason was asked a few more questions on a page. This leads me to believe the IPs I purchased throw up some small flags as I think even if I had verified the e-mails before I started tutorial island I would still be hit with this small lock after the tutorial island. The reason for this is because the VPS IP I still have not verified the e-mail and have had no locking all night of relogging into it. I think I will contact them either way, but not sure what to say exactly. Perhaps ask them to change my IPs but as stated by gosubear it could be Jagex somehow has access to all/most of their database of IPs. I've also done e-mail account, password reset and game time with these IPs from mainly American west coast IPs. If I were to get a refund and or change IPs, it would need to be in a similar location and no guarantee that other proxy websites have these small flagged IPs as well. So if my plan is the longevity of these accounts, is my best course of action to ditch these IPs/company or even the RS accounts as they have all been small flagged or continue as normal and trial and error with what I have? Did 6 manual tutorial islands and recoveries so my head is spinning a bit... Will try to keep this thread updated!
  11. Why are they getting flagged? Is this because the IPs I'm using the company claim they are dedicated to me have been used by another fellow botter in the past or are they able to somehow detect they are a proxy IP? Is it even worth completing tutorial island on the other accounts? Also once an account has been locked/flagged once, I'm guessing the account will be looked at more closely than other accounts that have not been locked/flagged and If I'm creating accounts to be used for long term botting even being flagged or locked out once could ruin the longevity? What's my best course of action when I have a flagged IP? Ask my proxy provider to change them all for me and hope the new IPs they give me are not flagged? Or request a refund and go to a different proxy provider? I just did a little test with Virmac VPS as they give you one IP and I completed tutorial island manually and have not been flagged like the other 2 accounts. Thanks for the replies guys.
  12. Hi, I'm new to the tri bot community but not so new to botting. So I just manually completed two accounts through tutorial island through the tribot client through virmach vps through a proxy in the tribot client that I purchased on another website. I was not botting, the two accounts were on 2 different proxies but have both immediately been locked upon relogging into on the mainland. Why has this happened? I thought I've been as safe as possible. The only thing I can think of is the creation of these accounts were also on proxies but I may have mismatched which proxy I made which account on and which one I logged in on? Also, I was using firefox to manually create these accounts and was using port 3128 instead of socks 1080, could the different port but same proxy ip raise a flag as well? Is it worth appealing Jagex or just making a new account and starting fresh? I have 3 other accounts half way through the tutorial island that may have mismatched account creation or port numbers, is it worth completely them manually or for the same reason as above they will be locked? Where does this leave my 5 proxies? Because they have likely been flagged due to mismatch is any account I create via the website/account going to be under extra scrutiny? I have read lots of the guides, I believe my issue is common and anyone with experience in this I would be more than pleased for any input!