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  1. Fletching. Making yew longs is about 2k longs per hour, which is roughly 400k (depending how you acquire the materials). Buy in bulk from a fellow botter and it's probably more. Getting the fletching probably only takes 12 hours or so.
  2. S~AIOFisher is a free one.
  3. Always log in from the poxy (same one everytime) and you'll be good. VIP Extended is worth it if you plan on botting each account on a separate IP address.
  4. RS3. They anit-ban in RS3 has been refined and redesigned for years. They are very good at catching bots now (especially with JAG on your account). Personally have botted millions of experience on my main in OS, never been banned, never plan on being banned.
  5. Very simple script - you could probably make one yourself just by reading guides.
  6. Happened once to my account back in 2006. Basically, I got hacked by some friends of mine as a practical joke (irl, of course). Back then my mom paid for my membership, and she quested on my account because she likes the puzzles and story lines - she made an appeal after I told her it was hacked. Jagex said she couldn't provide enough evidence I owned the account (even though her credit card was used to buy the membership, her credit card was linked to the paypal used to buy memberships, and we provided the exact ip address we regularly connected from). They asked whoever 'hacked' my account to prove ownership and when they couldn't, Jagex deleted the account as a 'fair' resolution for both sides. Anyways, I'm sure they only delete accounts for unique / personalized reasons. They may have deleted yours because your experienced gained from botting would affect the highscores or other legitimate parts of the community (ie; if you had 200 visages from botting mith drags).
  7. They do not check appeals, from personal experience. If it's not a permanent ban, you're better off making new accounts and botting for profit on them until your main is unbanned. If it is permanently banned, time to start over.
  8. Firefox might have the password saved still, so you might want to check that. If it doesn't, why don't you just click the 'remember me' button before logging in? Edit; If this is anymore help > http://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/968560
  9. I often see on the paint that I've died once and teleported once after using the bot for about 2 hours. I'm quite certain that I'm not dieing since I'm wearing a RoL and I'm never missing any bowstrings or flax. Maybe you could look into this, just for convenience sake?
  10. Honestly, this has nothing to do with Encoded's script. If anything, it would have to be on Tribot's end (since they check all scripts before they are uploaded to repository and pushed live). I suggest removing what script you were using from the thread, because it puts a negative light on Encoded when I am 100% sure it is not his fault or responsibility. Besides that point, you're using a botting website - everything you do via this website is probably against the runescape ToS, so you should be happy you were only hacked and not banned. Change your password and start botting again.
  11. When you get the stats suicide both Texan's Caged Ogre Fighter and Texan's Ogre Olbiterator. Both are free, and I want to see how long they can be ran while getting away with it.
  12. No they won't. Runescape is all about 'second chances' you could say - Jagex will let you make new accounts and play as much as you want, no matter why/how any previous accounts on your IP address got banned. Honestly, you got a delayed ban with the rest of your accounts; Jagex found your 1 account and checked the IP address, with however many accounts on it, and issued a ban for all accounts currently online on that address.
  13. Thread looks good, but I feel like you're trying to cram too much into your graphics. I suggest you put up a portfolio so potential buyers can see some possible outcomes.
  14. That would take 15.5k xp lamps.
  15. The Repository is monitored by 'Respository Admins' - these admins check each code by hand before allowing it to be added to the Repository's active script list.