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  1. Any news @Beg ? Not trying to be pushy, just wondering. I'm waiting to buy VIP-E again <3
  2. About getting locked after tutorial

    Wrong, they lock the account because they don't want to false positives to discourage new players. You can unlock the account by adding an authenticater to it,
  3. About getting locked after tutorial

    It's because their system is detecting you as a bot through your in game actions. Most bots get locked after tut island. Run more
  4. I still recommend just saving as "Username:Password" I had to dust of my vb.net skills just to edit the config file without it being tedious.
  5. Al-Karid Gansta Rap

    lol damn, that shit was actually kinda good. Dood went hard, but that hook was meh.
  6. Hey man don't even sweat it. Live your life and take care of you and your family first Thanks for the update.
  7. Another great feature added. Making the script easier and easier to use all the time
  8. Is it worth buying level 3 starter accounts?

    idk what everyone is talking about. 50k/account is very decent, it's not bad at all. You can aged the accounts by not using them and you didn't have to do any of the work yourself. How hard is it to make 50k profit per account?
  9. Damn, it happens when my proxy changes. The account is logged because of the lost connection and then the relog never happens, or if it's locked same thing. Maybe because the account isn't added to the account manager.
  10. Thx for all the updates sir, amazing stuff really. currently noticing an issue where it doesn't always detect the login screen, and it never detects a locked account.
  11. Ban waved

    all my bots usually get banned at the same time every day, It assume it just depends what hours you bot.
  12. Ban waved

    I wouldn't be discouraged. I too was naive to these waves. One time they got me at 14hours after the usual time for me and then it never happened again. o_o
  13. Should be obvious but I'll go ahead and point out that this and many scripts are now broken after the make all update.
  14. TRiBot CLI Client Starter

    Tyvm sir! Very quick with the update and it is very much appreciated ;D
  15. yeah "4h" "10qp" "30 smithing", you put on bond it. I'd be shocked if you ever made it past a week.