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  1. Please read this because I'm taking the time. Botting tutorial island isn't a walk in the park. Jagex says "most bots don't make it off tutorial island", they mean that. It's a fucking fact. When I was botting I got like 20%-30% of the accounts I made and don't even dare quest on them! instant ban, never fucking bot quest just bot 24/h it's way better. You just have to brute force that shit man, automate the process and run like 10 scripts on a VPN that rotates your IP or a rotating proxy, change ip every 45mins because it takes about 15mins to do tutisland. 3 accounts per ip. Makes sense? I wrote a guide in the VIP-E section which is outdated but maybe check it out. Keep trying my man also LG is useless just stop using it now.
  2. soriks

    Hacked through tribot somehow??

    So why don't they hack me? I have well over 10m... -.- You probably used the same password on a bunch of other sites, and some dude cracked your account. Stop using the same passwords if it was used previously on a hacked site. https://haveibeenpwned.com/
  3. soriks

    New to botting, how does proxies work with VIP-E

    You still have to provide the proxy... Damn son, don't just blow your money on VIP-E and other shit without understanding it first. That's how you fail.
  4. Here you go buddy (not my actual 2captcha key) emailUsername:[S4][S2]1[S3];emailDomain:gmail.com;rsUsername:FTI SameUsername.;password:fakepass;captchaKey:2ac8bbec055a45a00cfa850ec8q9001;numberOfAccounts:500;noTutorial:false;
  5. soriks

    how unnoticed is this bot

    don't bot on anything you can't afford to have banned. start out with fresh accounts, don't bot during Jagex hours, bot on weekends, play on the accounts legit, use proxies, register the accounts.
  6. soriks

    Ex-botter looking to get back on the scene

    You don't, you don't even need paid scripts. I use almost no paid scripts, and I've hardly done any coding myself. There's a lot of resources out there. Set goals for yourself, keep your overhead low, I only spend $20/month total running a fairly small farm, but it's low maintenance and cost effective. Do things now to make yourself efficient laster, solve problems 1 at a time. Understand that you're probably going to be banned a lot at the start, you'll need a lot of proxies.
  7. Any idea if the account creation will be fixed on this? It's been broken for months
  8. soriks

    Can I use proxies paying $6/month VIP

    You have to pay for VIP-E to use proxies, you could use a 3rd party program such as proxifier instead.
  9. soriks

    [F2P] Pizza Maker [1.7k+ Pizzas/hr] [Up to 300k/hr]

    I run lots of accounts to make pizzas and have found that making anchovy pizzas is terrible 95% of the time. Every now and again you might make 50k/h which is still shit considering the requirements. But that's just like my opinion bro.
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong But couldn't you just add a check for the login screen, check if it's currently creating an account, and if not, have the task manager run the account creation task? Doesn't seem like you have to create an entire login manager, and it's a huge issue with the script. It has to be baby sited constantly
  11. I don't think he hard coded the pathing. It fucks up at Varrock East bank all the time, runs upstairs >_< But yeah I think he's using some open api.
  12. soriks

    [F2P] Pizza Maker [1.7k+ Pizzas/hr] [Up to 300k/hr]

    Try it and find out, even if it was working. I think pizza topping is like 20k/h, it's shit aso if you look at "Begs Cooker" it does all this and mroe flawlessly and is updated frequently <3