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  1. Last 2 accounts took me about 2 weeks each, max 6 hrs a day Ranged can be trained in 2 days. Mage in 1 day, pushing 2 Melee can take a week to get 60/60/60 then you have quests. Many can be automated now. I need a fast way to train defence with low melee combat
  2. Alot. You will make Alot lol. Add your signature on (copy link from mine and type your username instead)- thought loot tracker is broken on this version and working on the new one.
  3. Oh dayum it's a paid script again >.< Well worth it though
  4. Yep. It will average out. Sometimes you make 10m from a few trips, sometimes dry streaks. But on average (overall after a 2 week period) it equates to around 1m/hr for me
  5. From 2 weeks of loot, around 4-6 hours per day. ~45m
  6. Not sure if I count, but added. I'm about to run another farm from this weekend
  7. looking good! Perhaps a failsafe- if there's no more food left, but there is a prayer pot left- pray on that brother should health reach <= the set eat hp
  8. This is great, screw all the people that doubted.
  9. That's alot of hours to be botting mining.. better luck next time
  10. One I spotted was the church door in Restless ghost. It finished the rest of the quest no problems so far
  11. My longest is my current chest count below. 50% of that is on one account. Got banned because I forgot to turn off the bot when going out lol. My rebuilt accounts are almost ready. Trying a new method to prep them.
  12. Noticed on Restless ghost, the bot gets stuck if the doors are closed and will keep clicking the minimap till the door opens. This is a great questline btw and so far so good. Suprised there isn't many quest scripts. I'm sure people would gladly pay for quest lines like this
  13. Actually, could have been TriBot. It took a couple client restarts and it's now dropping on my other account
  14. Currently doing Tin. It gets to a full invent and will hold at dropping ores (shift click). If i manually drop them all, it continues until full inventory again
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