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  1. While i wait on replies from above, anyone else know of anythign that may help? The client does work on my MacBook Pro but doesnt on my Desktop windows
  2. Sorry about delays, ended up falling asleep D:. Will try without proxy and see if it works when i get home then if that doesnt work ill pm erickho for your support skype if that is ok?
  3. just tried that. removed everything restarted computer, re installed java, re donwloaded jdk and tried to run client but running into same issues
  4. will try. Tried with the32bit java and its save error just minus the 64bit lol
  5. ty for fast reply, Java/jdk1.8.0_91 https://gyazo.com/4338fe1e21db2873f18033f289c9e577 ty for console tip also. duno why i did tick this before lol
  6. Trying to run the client but after the loader finishes (no errors) the client never seems to open. Yes i have downloaded new java and removed old and yes i have deleted dependencies and such in the tribot folder. Nothing seems to be working. Anyone had this issue and solved it? Windows 7 64bit (tried both 64/32 java)
  7. Sold me VIP Credits Thanks alot!