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  1. Request: I am looking for a muling / GE buying script. If I load the script on an account and hit start it will run to the GE and trade a character (whose name will be submitted in a text document). Then the mule will be traded enough gold for everything it needs to buy. The items purchased will be inputted into a word document as well and it must support buying / redeeming bonds. If the account is not a member and is buying member items it will also buy a bond, redeem it, then log out and back in to a members world. Once all the items are purchased the account will just logout. Description: Accept gold from mule, buy items needed. Payment Amount: $200-$500 Time: Yesterday would have been great. ASAP Additional: The character trading the gold over will not be a bot. The script only needs to run on the characters collecting the gold and then buying the items off the GE. The list of items must be able to be changed by us. An Example Below. Trading: Charactername Bond: Yes / No Rune Arrows: 2000 Air Rune: 1000 Air Staff: 1
  2. Request: Script needs to run green dragons perfectly and handle GE / Muling. If the account runs out of supplies I want it to be able to recognize that, use a ring of wealth to go to the GE then buy some (or can have a main mule with a ton of supplies that can trade it to them your call on what would be easier to implement). The script needs to support death support, anti-pk, looting bag, show gph, randomized eating system, anti-ban, and the GE / Mule support. Description: Kill green dragons, trade farmed items to mule while re-stocking on supplies without interference by me. Payment Amount: 4 figures ($XXXX) Time: As soon as possible but needs to work right Also looking for a completely separate script that only handles muling. This script would need to be able to enter a mules name and the farmer would go trade its items to the mule and get restocked with supplies based on its needs.
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