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  1. I already have uninstalled all my other java versions and downloaded the newest version (10.0.2) and i still won't let me open the launcher.
  2. The problem is, i can only find tribot.jar in Application Support. I can't find the .tribot folder
  3. Well, i just deleted the tribot.jar i can't find my tribot folder on an iMac, and i have saw all of the turtorials
  4. Every script is logging auto out, and i already reinstalled and restarted the client.
  5. What should i do to fix it then?
  6. I think its something with the login bot, how can i disable it?
  7. https://gyazo.com/0f8e6ea6848b5bc20d82116e4f24eab8
  8. Every 5-10mins the bot is logging out? I have no break handler set. How can i fix this?
  9. It doesn't work on an iMac
  10. I reinstalled my client, but all my scripts are still bugging alot. How can i fix this? I also can't find my hooks.dat on my iMac.
  11. How can i run tribot in 32 bits?
  12. xHawkk

    Buying 8 credits!

    Hey i'd like to buy 8 credits for 1.3m each! pls PM me.
  13. The loader does not open
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