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  1. Just a question, what do use people this quest for? havent played osrs in a long time
  2. Yes please do, I've been spending quite some time on making this work flawlessly. Its been working great for quite some customers now
  3. https://autobumper.flameception.com A service to automatically bump your forum threads periodically Bumping a forum thread is a good way to get potential customers to view your thread. However, bumping your forum threads can be quite a chore when you have many of them. Using this service, you can simply add thread URLs (for one of the supported forums), link a forum account, and setup a bump interval. The application monitors the threads 24/7, and will bump your thread periodically according to your settings. Simple as that! Currently, there are 10 major forums supported, including: - tribot.org - ownedcore.com - epicnpc.com - sythe.org - powerbot.org For the full list, see https://autobumper.flameception.com. Pricing is based on a pay-per-use system. However, the more you bump, the less you pay. There is even a free plan available that provides a simplified version of bumping. Check the website for more info. Feel free to request new forums using the Support function on the website (account creation required), and they might just be available the next day. Please check beforehand if autobumping is allowed for your forum. Terms and Conditions apply to this product. Please refer to https://autobumper.flameception.com/terms-and-conditions for all the details.
  4. i wonder if you actually see improvements after using 64bit jre
  5. pm me please (im active on other rs communities as well)
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