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  1. Out of Memory

    Someone else had the same problem even with a 2048 MB heap. Not sure why this memory leak is caused by the game sounds. Have you changed the operating system since you posted this?
  2. Long Term vs Suicide Botting - Which Is Better?

    I don't think there is a style that's inherently better. It all depends on how you implement it.
  3. Max staking

    Hurry up.
  4. clientr not recognising VIP

    Looking glass is a VIP-E feature. You can upgrade on the same page (scroll down): https://tribot.org/repository/user_panel/vip/
  5. F2P progressive lobsters [semi-automated]

    This script only uses Tribot's default AI anti-ban, as it was designed specifically for F2P goldfarming. I highly advise against running it on any valuable account.
  6. I decided to stop harassing users, and do something more productive instead. (Hi @Morty123 ) F2P progressive lobsters https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2503 Does exactly what it says on the tin: trains effectively until it gets lvl 40, then switches to lobsters. It's similar to other progressive fishing scripts, but it has a nice function that makes the setup much easier (explained bellow). How to use this script: Create a new account/ run a tutorial solver. Note: If you want to transfer the lobsters before the 18 hours of in-game time, use a quester to get 7QP. Run the script, then log in your "main" and trade 10k gold to the bot. All trades/ windows will be automatically accepted. Done! From this point on, everything else is automated! Buying fishing equipment... 1-20 fishing... 20-40 fishing... 40+ fishing: Lobsters You can easily transfer the lobsters to your main using Naton's nMule. Didn't test it myself, but based on the feedback on its thread, I think it works really well. (Good job @Naton) Thanks: @fmtrick - I used some bits of code from your feather buyer for the shop part, because I was too lazy to write it myself. If the equipment buying is not working properly, you are the one to blame. @godspower33 - atm the lobster price is hard-coded into the script (lol). On the next update I will use the getPrice(int) method from your Gods_Man_Killer. @auryzas242 - I am still waiting for MY MONEY!! @deva - A huge thank you for the multiple bug reports and suggestions both in this thread and via PM! F2P progressive lobsters - updated to version 2! Fishing in Lumbridge & the combat problem The bot used to get bullied by goblins, spiders or even ducks. This often resulted in deaths and equipment loss. A proper fail-safe has been implemented. More space, more lobsters, more profit The script used to hold the IDs of the fishing equipment in a fixed array. This worked fine, but the users demanded more efficiency. Now the IDs are held in a dynamic list that modifies upon leveling up. The bot drops the equipment that is no longer needed. The auto-buying part has also been rewritten, so it won't buy things that it doesn't need. Inventory at level 40 fishing: The "report-player interface" bug Has been patched. The bot will no longer get stuck if the interface is accidentally opened. Activate the script: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2503 User submitted proggies:
  7. Proxy and looking glass on runescape client?

    Next time you have to ask an "important" question, try searching the forums at least once before starting four different threads. All your questions have already been answered multiple times. Thank you.
  8. Upon starting, OSBuddy will initially use your computer's IP. As soon as looking glass hooks, OSBuddy will use the proxy specified by the Tribot client.
  9. RSGP Massive Crashing?

    A gold sink is defined as something that removes gold from the economy. Prayer is not one, as the gold you pay for the bones is transferred to another player, therefore remaining in the game.

    Meanwhile on the same thread:
  11. Aagility issues

    That thread is just a tutorial on how to write a useful bug report. Do not post here. Just use the script's thread, as @Encoded said.
  12. Trading From Bots To Mules - Flagged?

    Mule bans are very rare and are usually triggered by a huge wealth transfer.

    Jarfix is only useful if the program is not executing due to the modified .jar association. That's not the case, since he successfully managed to run Tribot.
  14. Doing a test for f2p bot

    I think you're in for a rude awakening. Good luck tho.
  15. Botting After 2 Day Ban?

    Most likely it will be watched more closely, but if the account was made solely for goldfarming, you should bot until it's perm banned.
  16. looking glass not working! help! :(

    You should stick to one thread. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/74893-looking-glass-not-connecting-to-client-help/ Regarding the looking glass problem, this might be helpful:

    Link is: https://tribot.org/repository/user_panel/vip/ If VIP is set to recurring, the subscription will be automatically renewed for 30 days when there is only one day left. The source for recurring payments will be your TRiBot credits. We do not use recurring payments via credit card/PayPal.
  18. stake limit?

    The first implementation will make staking goldfarming obsolete and will open the door for a new type of gambling. Stakers will be out of business. For the rest of us, the price of gold might actually increase as a result. The second modification will affect no one, as there are many ways to transfer wealth without trading directly. Whoever used to transfer gold over duel arena will simply switch to another method.
  19. lol I don't think this is how users are expected to ask questions in this sub-forum.
  20. Report broken button in script repo

    If this feature would ever be added, most if not all scripts will be reported by users that fail to use the client and consider this to be a proper bug report: Reporting bugs in the script's thread and "manually" reporting outdated scripts is the best way to handle this, as the report script button is very likely to be over-used.
  21. what's ur fastest ban from a fresh lv3?

    You shouldn't leak this private moneymaking method. Regarding the account ban, it can happen as soon as you finish tutorial island if it was completed from a flagged IP address.
  22. TRI fire giant fighter not working!

    Advanced screen capture software.
  23. RSGP Massive Crashing?

    Now everything makes sense!
  24. looking glass not working

    This might help: