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  1. Thanks for the report. I will reach out to fix the issue in the next 24-48 hours.
  2. Alright, thanks for sharing. If you encounter any more issues, feel free to post in this thread. Happy botting!
  3. It crashed due to a different reason this time (no axe available in inventory/equipment/bank). In regards to the first problem, can you delete this folder and re-run the script? Let me know what's written in the logs this time. C:\Users\***your_username***\AppData\Roaming\.tribot\Einstein\Woodcutter
  4. You're welcome! Can you please still send me the logger contents? This was a very strange bug that occurred in the Java API itself, which is quite rare.
  5. @Xquese I've re-updated the code. It should work now but you will still get an error printed in one of the loggers. Please repeat the process of clearing both loggers, re-running script, and sending me the logger contents.
  6. @Xquese I've updated the code. Please right click and clear both loggers, run the script, and paste the loggers content here (the script will most likely crash again).
  7. Ok, thanks for all the info. I'll submit an update with plenty of debugging code to help me track down this issue, as it's clearly something that has never happened before with this script. I'll ask you to re-run it in about 5 minutes.
  8. Alright, do you pass any argument when you start the script or you just start it normally like a regular script?
  9. @Xquese How exactly are you using the script? It freezes right away or only after you've pressed the start button?
  10. No problem. I just find it very funny whenever this happens (it's not the first time).
  11. Thank you. Can you please copy and paste the contents of the loggers here? I can be easily done by right clicking them:
  12. This issue is usually occurring on Mac systems if the Java is not up to date. I will try to help you fix the issue, and if you still won't be able to run the script, the purchase will be refunded. Can you please tell me what is your OS and Java version? Thank you.
  13. @Xquese I appreciate your patience and cooperation, but this feature is generally used for sharing market feedback. Please post all your script related concerns in their appropriate threads, and wait for a response from the script's author. I usually reply in a timely manner, and I am eager to help, and most other scripters are doing the same thing. I would like to ask a moderator (404 mod not found) to remove the feedback. Thank you.
  14. What exactly do you mean by static buyer? Can you please tell me where is the location you're trying to bank in?
  15. Thank you for the suggestion. The feature has been scheduled and will be included in a future release.
  16. What can I say, those are some very ambitious goals. If you eventually manage to pull this off, it would be the definite proof that maxing your (old, legit, quested, non-level 3) main account using scripts is not only possible, but actually quite easily achievable. Good luck, and please don't dress up like this cute boi:
  17. Are you referring to the world hopping timer that starts running when you hop too many worlds?
  18. Sorry, I don't think I understand the question. I could collect this data (total fishing XP) and store it into a database, and then post the results on the thread as some other scripters are doing, but I haven't implemented such a system. Feel free to share your own progress made with the script.
  19. I'm glad you like it! Please feel free to share more feedback. One of the future updates will include plenty of tracking displayed in the paint.
  20. Updated Today's update comes with many improvements in the GUI, making the script faster to setup and easier to use! Thanks!
  21. Updated The code base has just received a significant update, with plenty of new features and bug fixes. The most important changes have been written in the thread, which was edited a few minutes ago. Feel free to report any kind of issue you encounter, or any kind of suggestion that you may have. Thank you for using my software!
  22. All the concerns recently brought up will be resolved though the PM system. I appreciate your feedback, and I will personally make sure that you are capable of using Universal Shopper and all of its features. Thank you for your patience.
  23. No problem, I can add that. Can you please tell me where is this location? Where there are multiple NPCs that have the trade option and only one of them opens the correct shop?
  24. Do you get any error messages in the debug? Does the entire client freeze?
  25. The thread has been completed and the script was submitted to the repository. Thanks everyone for your patience! Feel free to report any bug or suggest any feature / improvement for this script. This should be the best and most advanced shopping script ever created for RuneScape, and I won't stop until we hit this threshold.
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