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  1. Hundreds of hours of work have been invested into this project. Einstein's Woodcutter does all the things you would expect from a Woodcutting script. It does many things you wouldn't expect from a normal Woodcutting script. And it does some things no other Woodcutting script has ever done before. ABC2 level 10 - full implementation Complex anti-ban system based on real human biometric data that emulates human behavior Full support for the Woodcutting Guild - script can also teleport there using a Skills necklace Redwood chopping 5 different log disposal methods, including Firemaking and Fletching the chopped logs Automatically trades logs to the mule account - unlike other woodcutting scripts, this feature is offered completely free! Intelligent axe switching upon leveling up Buys axes from Grand Exchange Progressive mode: Tree switching upon leveling up Human-like inventory items re-arranging Support for re-sizable mode Looking glass compatibility Goldfarming tools CPU Optimization F2P Goldfarming support Interoperability with Bot Supplier & Mule script The ability to Save / Load / Quick-Load / Reset profiles Intuitive and user friendly GUI Custom World Hopper World switching if there are too many / any players nearby. This will maximize your profit or even allow you to avoid player reports entirely by automatically hopping worlds if someone is nearby. Dynamically changing paint and lots of visual cues that indicate the script's current state Over 50 preset locations all over RuneScape and the ability to define your own custom areas Anti-Detection System: Train your account safe Einstein's Woodcutter implements Anti Ban Compliance version 2, level 10, which is the highest level possible. Based on statistical analysis of real human playing data Human-like reaction times generated by a complex algorithm that takes into account 9 different factors Unique profiling for every RuneScape account that runs this script Emulating typical human behavior through timed actions based on internal timers and game interaction preferences Furthermore, I have started to collect and analyze real human playing data in order to extend the functionality of ABC2. The code is updated and improved on a regular basis. Here is inventory items re-arranging, one of the human behavior emulating features of this script: (Left) The red dots represent points chosen by an algorithm for dragging and dropping items (Right) The script is taking the axe from its random position and places it at the top of the inventory, like most humans do The script was specifically designed to be as human-like as possible. New features are being added on a regular basis and the already existing features are improved based on more real human playing data. Woodcutting is notorious for its high ban-rate. No script can guarantee a ban-rate of 0, but Einstein's Woodcutter will give you the best odds against Jagex's automated data analysis system. Goldfarming support If you want to use this script for goldfarming, then this might be the best choice. Einstein's Woodcutter has a lot of built in goldfarming features that allow you to manage your entire farm effortlessly. Profile Saving / Loading / Quick Loading Argument support: simply type in the name of the profile that you want to automatically start Progressive mode Axe buying from the Grand Exchange Getting gold from the mule account Automatically trading the logs to the mule account CPU optimization F2P Goldfarming support Reaction time speed multiplier Interoperability with Bot Supplier & Mule At the time of writing there is only one other woodcutting script that supports logs transferring. But unfortunately, the author is strongly driven by monetary gains and will ask you to pay more just to unlock this feature. This will never happen with any of my scripts. By using Einstein's Woodcutter you get full, unlimited access to all of the script's features, including the automated logs transfer. Furthermore, all users will be granted unlimited access to another script that works in conjunction with the woodcutter: Bot Supplier & Mule automatically supplies your entire farm with gold (so your bots can then buy the required axes) collects all noted logs from your bots. You only need to click Start and your farm runs by itself. This script is based on an older project of mine and uses a mathematical formula to determine which players are part of your farm so it will only trade with your bots, avoiding losing supplies by trading other players. I am offering the second script completely free of charge for all my users. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/77184-free-add-on-bot-supplier-mule Updating and improving Einstein's Woodcutter This script is currently powered by over 5000 lines of code, but its size will continue to grow as I add more features. You as the user, are free to request features to be added. If I like your idea and consider it to be a positive addition, it will be added to the script. I don't care how much time and effort it takes, and I am completely determined to keep this software the most complex, up-to-date and loved Woodcutting script. Is this the best Woodcutting script on TRiBot? That is for you to decide:
  2. Both choosing the next clicking target and deciding if and when the bot should walk to the anticipated target are still chosen by ABC2, and I do not plan to alter this behavior in the future. As far as I can tell, ABC2 does not choose a random target from the given array, but instead it returns the closest target: usually, but not always - just like a real human would do. My new algorithms are not choosing the next clicking / anticipated target, but instead they are choosing the tile to click in order to walk towards the already chosen target. They replaced fixed tile clicking, which is many, many times better in terms of preventing detection, because humans are a lot less accurate and precise. The new functions are attempting to replicate this lack of accuracy and precision, as well as the human tendency to aim for the center of a target:
  3. Windows script that deletes hooks.dat and the Jagex cache TRiBot can break on multiple levels. Script issue Client incompatibility with a new RuneScape release Networking problems Underlying JVM problem Other user-caused errors Most of the time, inexperienced users that encounter any kind of problem on any level, that makes the client load but prevents the script from working, are jumping to the conclusion that the script itself is broken, and they proceed to spam on its thread, or in some cases, they even start additional threads in which they ask how to fix the script. A very large number of those problems can be easily fixed by deleting a few files and restarting the client twice. Since the overwhelming majority of the users that do the things described above are very inexperienced with computers, here is the easiest way possible to delete all the files just by double clicking an icon. Download: This script will: Close all running instances of TRiBot Delete hooks.dat Delete the Jagex cache Prompt the user to open TRiBot again and then close it, ensuring that the client was restarted twice
  4. Einstein

    [Windows] Delete hooks.dat and the Jagex Cache

    I'm glad you like the script's name
  5. Updated Today's update comes with improvements in the script's anti-ban. Some very important changes were made. I expect to see a drastic decrease in ban-rates. In-human pattern I have identified a huge flaw in the code that generated a profoundly in-human pattern. Although it consisted of a single line of code, the fact that it was executed frequently and consistently when a certain condition was met, made it relatively easy to detect. This was completely removed in today's update. New tile choosing algorithm - Tree not on screen The new algorithm takes into account the number of tiles occupied by the tree (in this case 4). The occupied tiles are also selected by the algorithm, because the result does not represent the exact location of where the player should be; it represents the tile on which the script is going to walk towards, usually by clicking the minimap, until the tree appears on the screen an it can be clicked. As can be seen, the script will click more often (but not always) in the center, because this is how humans are usually walking towards their target. ← Minimap ↓ Game screen New algorithm for next anticipated target The tile choosing algorithm for the next anticipated target has been changed as well. The tiles occupied by the tree (or the stump) are excluded, because the output of the algorithm represents the exact tile on which the player should be on. Camera movement Has been temporarily removed, and it's currently being handled only by TRiBot's anti-ban. Rest assured: no input at all is many times better than in-human like input. This week I will be working on a special utility that will imitate the way in which humans are moving the camera to find their off-screen target. This will take some time to develop, because there are a lot of variables that need to be accounted for and it also requires collection and analysis of real human playing data. Camera movement will be re-introduced as soon as this utility is ready and I am completely convinced that I successfully managed to replicate the way in which real humans move the camera towards their target. Today's update consisted of very important changes, and I expect to see a drastic decrease in ban-rates.
  6. Do you get any message in the bot/client debug? Try starting TRiBot in Console Mode and post the results.
  7. Einstein

    Looking glass cannot find OSbuddy client.

    Only certain JDK versions are compatible with Looking Glass. If you updated your Java, the newer version is not guaranteed to work. Your antivirus / firewall might prevent Looking Glass from functioning as well. I wrote a guide on how to use this feature and how to solve the commonly encountered problems: Here are a list of Java versions that other users manage to hook Looking Glass with:
  8. Einstein

    birdhouse script?

    Please use this format when requesting a script:
  9. If you're referring to this, then you will need to run the special script mentioned in the thread. In order for the script to start, you need to close all RuneScape client tabs, so you won't have any game interaction at all. The data collecting script should look like this, make sure to read the instructions in the thread before proceeding:
  10. Einstein

    [Free Add-on] Bot Supplier & Mule

    Bot Supplier & Mule [Einstein's Woodcutter Free Add-on] Free add-on script that can be used in conjunction with Einstein's Woodcutter in order to automate your farm. supplies your accounts with gold (which will be used by the bots to automatically buy axes from Grand Exchange) receives noted logs from your bots This tool is based on an older project, that should have been a premium script, but was abandoned due to some heath problems that I struggled with at that time. How does it work Trades with your bots and offers gold or accepts noted logs. It successfully distinguishes your bots from other players, and it will not trade anyone outside your farm, thus preventing others from stealing the supplies that were destined for your bots. Although it's extremely accurate and precise, this tool does not rely on a server in order to function. The bots send an encrypted message to the mule by using the RuneScape messaging system. This message is encrypted and decrypted using your TRiBot user ID and other unique identifiers which I am keeping secret. Instructions This script should be used in conjunction with Einstein's Woodcutter. Just click Start and leave it in any bank supported by the woodcutter. Everything is done automatically from this point on. Here is a bot that requests some gold to be able to buy an axe from the Grand Exchange: Script's response: And this is my testing account that already had some logs in the bank. The logs will be traded to the mule: Script's response: Fail-safes: Multiple fail-safes have been implemented. This script will not trade any other player outside your farm, despite of what they might try to do in order to gain unauthorized access: Why am I releasing this for free? Even if the author of another woodcutting script asks for more money just to unlock all the features on his script, this will never happen with any of my scripts. I truly enjoy coding and I want to supply the community with quality software that is abundant in free and useful features and extensions. All of my script users are granted free and unlimited access to all of its features, including this free automation add-on. Enjoy! https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2757
  11. Einstein

    Noob Account Leveler [FREE]

    50 hours and 2 gallons of coffee later... How does this script work? Trains 11 different skills as follows: Sets a random skill target for combat and gathering skills (min/max values are optimized for each skill). The processing skills (cooking, smithing etc.) are trained using the gathered resources (ores, logs etc.), until the raw materials are depleted. The skills are trained randomly. Switches to a random task every 5 to 15 minutes. (Note: can pick the same task) Despite the randomness, certain rules are followed in order to train effectively (e.g. it can only train cooking after we are done fishing. However, after fishing is done, there is no guarantee that it will start cooking or it will go mining etc.). Skills supported at the moment: How to use the script: Start the script anywhere, it will automatically gather all the items it needs to complete all tasks. Do not supply the bot with high tiers tools, it will only use bronze and iron. What not to suggest / not bugs: Change the Draynor fishing spot - No. Even with the occasional deaths caused by the dark wizards, the Draynor fishing spot remains the best place for fishing. An efficient combat fail-safe has been implemented, but even if the bot dies, it only takes ~ 55 seconds to get back from Lumbridge to the fishing spot. Fixed set of levels instead of random-picked targets - No. Thousands of accounts with the exact same levels may not be the best idea, given the heuristic nature of bot detection. Walking is broken! - This script uses TRiBot's built in webwalking system. I might change this on a future release, however there are other dev. priorities for this script.
  12. Einstein

    Noob Account Leveler [FREE]

    Not a bad idea. Feel free to leave any suggestion on this thread, as I want to change a lot of things in the code.
  13. Creating areas manually by reading the debug and typing it in your code for each and every tile is tedious, time consuming and error prone. Here is a free tool that will help you, the scripter, to instantaneously create areas by 'drawing' them in RuneScape. Everything else is done automatically. It can't get any easier! Nearby tiles are drawn, so you can easily tell where a tile begins and where it ends. The mouse hovering tile is highlighted, making miss clicking almost impossible. Add tiles to your area by clicking them. Remove tiles from your area by clicking them again. The area is automatically updated and copied to the system clipboard with every click, all you have to do is just paste it. How to use this tool Select the borders of the area by clicking tiles with the middle mouse button. Click the tile to select it. Click it again to remove it. Press this button to clear the whole area, and start making a new one: Every time you add or remove a tile, the area is automatically updated and copied to the system clipboard. After you are done building your area, go to your IDE and paste it into the code. That's it. The new area is automatically named "unnamed_area_ID" - where ID is a randomly picked four digit number. The pasted clipboard includes a line separator, grabbed from the system properties, which means that your cursor will land on the next line, preventing the IDE from automatically scrolling to the right end of the page. Select the name by double clicking it, and then re-name it to something more descriptive. By using this tool I managed to map the entire Woodcutting Guild within minutes, with pinpoint accuracy - not even a single tile misplaced. A note about the API When using this constructor (that takes an array of tiles as its only argument), the north and east tiles are not included in your area. This problem is very easy to avoid since the script provides a lot of visual ques, reflecting the status of your area. If your area is not built exactly as you intended, simply click the misplaced tiles to remove them, and try again. Have fun https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2795
  14. Einstein

    Calling a script from another script

    If you're writing your own scripts, just bundle all the code into a single script and then run it. Otherwise if you want to do that with the scripts available on the repository, @laniax 's bot manager will be able to do that, if I understand correctly.
  15. Einstein

    Noob Account Leveler [FREE]

    Nice! I'll close the poll very soon, because I've already decided how to solve the oak trees problem.
  16. I didn't add support for black axe, because it's very rarely used. This script can train from level 6 to level 21 in less than 30 minutes. With that being said, I do not think that it's worth using a black axe and it's very unlikely that I will add support for this tool. At the time of writing, the script will deposit all equipment if it needs to deposit the wielded axe. I might change the way this works. Thank you for your suggestion.
  17. Einstein

    Noob Account Leveler [FREE]

    Currently not. As @HeyImJamie said, reading the OP will help you to understand how to use this tool. The answer to your question is explicitly stated: However, this might be changed on a future update.
  18. The GUI has been updated! The goldfarming settings have been moved in the center of the interface, right below the regular settings. The size / position / font of some components has been adjusted, and now the GUI is easier to read and use.
  19. This bug will be fixed shortly. Thank you for the report.
  20. Einstein

    Looking Glass Help

    The most reliable seem to be: JDK8 102 and JDK8 112. Here is a list of Java versions that worked for other users: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/73658-share-your-looking-glass-setup/
  21. Einstein

    Need more help with getLoginResponse()

    I am not sure about this, but I think it's based on color detection.
  22. Updated! The Looking Glass Problem Thank you for the report. I have successfully found which portions of the code caused poor performance on the Looking Glass client. Those features are now automatically disabled if the script detects that it has been started in Looking Glass mode. No user input is required. Just start the script and everything is automatically taken care of. More Looking Glass mode optimizations will be added as needed, if the users report additional problems that might occur in some isolated cases, while using Looking Glass. Configuration during the run-time of the script Thank you for your suggestion; you've inspired me to create this: I've added a new feature called Runtime Config. Users can open a control panel from which they can alter the state of the script during its runtime, even after the main GUI has been closed. This panel can be viewed by pressing this button in the top-right corner: The position of the button is dynamically calculated, ensuring compatibility in resizable mode. At the time of writing, there are three features that can be toggled on or off from this panel, that modify the graphics overlays. The panel has just been released, and more useful features will be added to it, as I decide which one should be modifiable at runtime. I am open to suggestions and requests regarding the features to be added.