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  1. Einstein

    Relative Agility - Written by Einstein

    The problem with the Seers' Village door will be patched in the next release.
  2. Yes, it seems a little bit better and you've fixed some of the points that I've posted above. I would still recommend that you set void as the return type for most of your game-interacting methods, because the boolean value they currently return means nothing, and even if it had any meaning it is never used. Also, I've seen that you have copy-pasted the snipped I've sent you which explains in detail how conditional sleeping works. I've sent you this code because you've asked me to explain this concept. You should write the code yourself line by line, at least 3 time if you want to learn and make progress. Copy-pasting code doesn't get you anywhere.
  3. Einstein

    Einstein's Fisher - Probably the best Fisher on TRiBot

    Please restart the client and let me know if this issue re-occurs.
  4. I will only cover the critical issues: When getUserData is called, there is no guarantee that the required game data has been loaded. The script will show incorrect values if it's started on a newly opened client. A small delay should be added in the script's main loop. It makes more sense to update the variable action_state at the beginning of the loop, instead of having it on the last line. Storing the result of getActionState() in the action_state variable, then using this cached value is better than calling the method 5 times in the main loop, whilst the variable remains unused. tree.getDefinition() != null && tree.getDefinition().getName() != null - There is no guarantee that the second RSObjectDefinition will be non-null. This value should be cached, null checked, and only then it would be safe to use. But in this particular case, you can delete the entire line because it doesn't serve any purpose other than increasing the likelihood of the script crashing. All the static sleeps must be immediately removed. Thanks for your contribution. Looking forward to seeing your progress in scripting.
  5. As far as I know, minimizing and maximizing the window will fix this problem.
  6. Einstein

    Einstein's Fisher - Probably the best Fisher on TRiBot

    Thank you. The requested feature will be added in a future release.
  7. Einstein

    Relative Agility - Written by Einstein

    Thanks for confirming this issue. This is handled by the TRiBot API and I do not intend on modifying it.
  8. Einstein

    [I][FREE] Taking Script Requests

    ^ My vote goes to this. By the way, good luck on the Turing test! Let me know how it goes, I am eager to know if I've been friends with a real human or a robot all this time.
  9. Einstein

    Einstein's Miner - Probably the best Miner on TRiBot

    Not yet, but it will eventually be released.
  10. Einstein

    Relative Agility - Written by Einstein

    Not sure how it happened, I've tested it extensively before releasing it on the repository. I will double check this issue. Thanks for the report. I would only call it bot-like if we had a large data sample of bots doing the same thing so we can compare the output of this script with that data sample. But yes, by the way it's working right now it's sub-optimal and it will be changed in a future release.
  11. Einstein

    Relative Agility - Written by Einstein

    Does this happen on every iteration? I will review it shortly. Support for all major teleports will be added in a future release. I know exactly what you're referring to, and yes, this only happens for the first obstacle of each course due to the way in which this script was designed. One of the next versions will adjust this behavior to something better.
  12. Einstein

    Relative Agility - Written by Einstein

    Relative Agility has been updated! Increased obstacle search radius to 25. Added a fail-safe that will guarantee that the object we are attempting to interact with is rendered and it's not covered by the black space that exists at the end of the visible ground. Added a fail-safe that will close the report interface if it's opened. The script will no longer open the church door at Seer's Village course. Added an "idleness observer" that will automatically teleport the player if the script somehow got stuck and the player was idle for more than 5 minutes. This guarantees that you will never, ever get stuck for hours whilst using this script, regardless of the source of the issue (script bug, client bug, webwalking bug etc.). Also, when this fail-safe is triggered, a comprehensive error log is generated and saved in the .tribot folder, which will assist me in the debugging process. Also, the file's format resembles the Windows Blue Screen of Death. Thank you for using my software!
  13. Einstein

    Relative Agility - Written by Einstein

    All the reported issues will be fixed in today's update.
  14. Einstein

    Einstein's Miner - Probably the best Miner on TRiBot

    Special thanks to @Dangerous Ebola and @kryptonite93 for making me aware of a serious flaw in the ore-trading mechanism. The script has been updated and it will now successfully trade all the types of ores from the inventory.
  15. Einstein

    Bot Supplier & Mule [Free Add-On]

    Upon a closer inspection I've found a flaw in the code that resulted in this bug. Thank you for making me aware of this problem. The script has been updated and is now capable of trading all the ores in the inventory.