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  1. Due to time constrains (I'm working on other projects), the re-write has been delayed for another 1-2 months. So it's probably going to happen in September-October.
  2. I'm calling PETA right now! Edit: @FALSkills Why am I not surprised?!
  3. @leonz20 @kushad @WhiteboyWelch @zaiiake @Chef Sk1llz @homm88 @osrsbottering @babybran @Big_ella @poems own @YeetNSkeet @redbull17 Thanks for your feedback and bug reports! The script has been updated! Solved null pointer exception that occasionally occurred when clicking The script will now use the half summer pies as well Unable to dismiss random event bug fixed Prioritizing obstacles over marks of grace bug fixed Full inventory bug when trying to pick something up has been fixed Added formula animations to random events Rellekka has been thoroughly reviewed Ardougne combat failsafe added - script will try to click the obstacle again if it attacks a guard Small GUI changes Fixed agility pyramid issue I've opened a poll which will help me decide what gets implemented in the next release, feel free to cast your votes or suggest additional features to be added! Oh, and we've also got a new paint:
  4. Feel free to suggest any other features. The poll ends on September 20.
  5. No script is 100% safe, botting will always come with its risks. While sometimes, some accounts get banned, most users manage to achieve their botting goals. There are many things that I have no control over, but as far as this script is concerned, I will do everything in my power to mitigate the risk.
  6. i don't NOT undeRstand hOw to open GUI pls refund Congratulations on the release!
  7. Thanks, I successfully identified the issue and a patch will be released soon.
  8. Adding it in the next release (Wednesday.) Please use imgur.com to share images, I'll start debugging as soon as you post. Got it, thanks for the confirmation! Hard work pays off.
  9. The issue has been forwarded to the development team, I will announce on the thread as soon as the update is live. We already have a paint toggle in the bottom left corner of the paint. I will make it bigger so it's more visible. Got it, thanks for the report. I will address this issue soon. Thanks for the report. A patch is on the way! I guess it happens if the said random event is on a different roof/area? If so, I will push a fix in the next release. I'll test this right away. I'll send you a PM if I won't be able to reproduce the bug. The Rellekka course has a few known issues which I was unable to fix before releasing v2 due to the fact that I've already missed several deadlines and I did not want to further delay the release. This course will be thoroughly reviewed in the next release, which will occur Wednesday. Thanks everyone for your feedback and thanks for using my software, I'm glad you like it!
  10. Version 2 has been released! Thanks everyone for your feedback, much appreciated!
  11. After 3 months of development, Relative Agility v2 is finally here. Better in every way imaginable than its predecessor, this ambitious project aims to provide the best Agility automation solution for the TRiBot users. Everything has been improved, starting with a complete and correct implementation of ABC2 that has been tailored specifically for training Agility, to a brand new game interaction utility whose level of complexity exceeds anything that I've created thus far. I would like to thank everyone who left feedback on the previous version of the script; it is this feedback that allowed me to improve Relative Agility to the high level of quality that the TRiBot users deserve. More customizable than ever, yet easier to use. More efficient, with higher XP gains, yet more human-like. The best agility script on TRiBot, yet you can get it for $1 on this promotion. Complex, yet simple.
  12. I find this bug very amusing to be honest. It's obviously an issue, and it will be addressed eventually, but it's not something as urgent as, for example, the repository not compiling submitted scripts. Until then, stop making excuses and UPDATE YOUR SCRIPTS, IT'S BEEN 50 YEARS!
  13. @Netami @Naton @FALSkills Stop being so lazy and update your scripts! It's been 50 years!
  14. It doesn't, but in this particular case I know for a fact that one or more of his users have been buying thousands of rabbits on purpose, to hyper inflate the price so the script can't buy them for the quest.
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