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  1. If you add some way of prioritizing the tasks to avoid redundant checks, the node framework is one of the best, if not the best frameworks ever created for writing scripts.
  2. Einstein


    @Naton ^ Best title idea for an AIO AIO script This or nFinity
  3. We're trying our best to provide the highest quality software for our users. Our scripts are not perfect, and never will be, but they are the best RS scripts publicly available on the market. The only better alternative would be creating or paying someone (hundreds of dollars) to create a private script that is tailored specifically for performing a single task, in a single area, with a single gear setup, and under a single set of conditions. Public scripts must be generally good at performing a multitude of tasks in a multitude of areas, so you can't expect 100% accurate and flawless behavior in any single situation. You can't expect this even from a real human, but that's a whole different discussion. Congratulations! Keep at it and it will gradually become easier.
  4. I am quite sure that the pet automatically follows you or is added to the inventory if you already have a follower. Either way, the script won't lose your pet. Reviewing the problem today. Reviewing the problem today.
  5. I've excluded this option from the script, as it's been tailored for medium and high level accounts.
  6. Botting comes with its risks, and bans are not a valid reason for a refund. Sorry for your loss. This is the forum for ban-related discussion:
  7. I am not sure, as I haven't goldfarmed for a few years. But if I remember correctly, IP addresses are not as important as some people believe. If you're just starting out with a small farm ( < 10 accounts), run everything on your machine and on your own home IP and see what happens.
  8. Manual bans are extremely rare to non-existent. The vast majority of bans are issued automatically. Good luck with your goldfarm.
  9. Einstein

    Basic Miner

    Where should the waterskins be refilled?
  10. By implementing the interface pointed out by @botuser420 One of its methods gets called when you receive a trade request. You could use this to trigger code that clicks "Trade" on the said player.
  11. Einstein

    Basic Miner

    Done. Thanks again for your reports. Happy botting!
  12. Einstein

    Basic Miner

    Thanks you for the detailed report. The issue will be addressed within the next 30 minutes.
  13. Scheduled for the next update, which is coming in the next few days. Feel free to follow the thread.
  14. Einstein

    Basic Miner

    Nope, it's up and running. ^ Try restarting the script and/or client. If the issue persists, post the debug content in this thread.
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