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  1. Swamp paste. Users that are having issues after the game update should restart the client. The script should be fully functional.
  2. Updated The script will now increase the reaction time every time it gets kicked off the boat. Please try the updated version (don't click re-run).
  3. Does this issue still occur? Have you tried playing the minigame again?
  4. I cannot replicate this issue. The script successfully patches the leaks.
  5. @FALSkills threatened me against adding such thing and insisted on dog support for some reason.
  6. Here are some things that you might want to improve: some lines are too long and there are simple ways to avoid writing them there are too many unnecessary blank lines that make the code hard to read the usage of static variables is discouraged some "validate" methods include too many checks, many of which are probably redundant; while this doesn't take a significant toll on efficiency, it does make the code harder to understand. It should be very clear when tasks should execute too much code stuffed in the "execute" method; it's hard to follow and it's unclear what it's supposed to do. Instead of using random blank lines to space out the code, split the whole cluster into small, concise methods that have a very clear purpose and are named appropriately Overall the code is of poor quality. Instead of releasing more and more scripts, I would suggest focusing on their quality. The code needs to be clean because otherwise you won't be able to create and maintain large scale, complex scripts. Get more practice; refactor your code.
  7. Einstein

    Basic Miner

    Sadly this is a TRiBot but that I won't be able to solve. Try restarting the client.
  8. Einstein

    Basic Motherlode

    Please update your OS and Java version.
  9. Multi-skilling has been disabled until further notice.
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