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  1. if (item.length > 1) { doSomething(); } else { doSomethingElse(); } In the above code, the if block is executed if there are 2 or more items in the inventory. In any other case, the else block is executed. Since you can't have a negative amount of items in the inventory, "any other case" means having 0 or 1 items in the inventory. Any of those values will result in the else block being executed. As far as I can tell, you are trying to make a decision based on the availability of a certain item. If so, you could either do what @Zully suggested and evaluate the expression item length >= 1 , or check if there are more than 0 items available: item length > 0 They both translate to: "if there is any item in the inventory, then...".
  2. Thank you for the report. Can you please send me a screenshot with the exact location (tile) where this bug is occurring?
  3. I agree that continuing the course after the player runs out of food is a problem, and a solution to it will be included in the next patch.
  4. The value is already randomized. This will be added in the next release. Toggling run is handled by ABC2 and it should have a broader spectrum of values. @Bottingman9000 Thank you for the rest of the reports. Hello Mr. Karuz0. You're welcome. Thank you for using my software. At the time of writing there is no additional support for waterskins. The script will simply stop after it runs out of water. If you would like to limit the amount of pyramids that will be kept in the inventory, simply get more waterskins to fill up the inventory. The number of free inventory slots will determine the maximum amount of pyramids kept in the inventory before selling them.
  5. Not yet but it will be included in a future release. Of course.
  6. A facility encouraging the consumption of alcoholic beverages. https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/The_Sheared_Ram
  7. - Naton has been detected - Nice job man, the repository really needed such script. The proggies are also very impressive.
  8. Nope, it's Jagex that is banning you. Jokes aside, detecting this script through data mining would require at least several hours of playing data to analyze. If you've been banned within the first 10 minutes, it's nearly impossible that it was due to the script and there might be other factors that determined this outcome. Once again, fresh level 3 accounts in F2P are not exactly the best choice if the goal is avoiding detection.
  9. Yes, it is. I've already explained it in my previous reply to your comment:
  10. This is the most common outcome for fresh level 3 accounts, especially in F2P.
  11. Not necessarily. Follow a Woodcutting guide and select an appropriate tree for your level. However, I highly suggest that you do not exceed 4 hours per day (the less amount of time, the safer). Use breaks and train other skills every few days. Keep in mind that the average legitimate RuneScape player can barely do the same activity for two hours straight, without getting bored.
  12. This fail-safe allows the script to accurately determine whether the account is in F2P or P2P, information which is used internally for several things. It's already handled by TRiBot and it's called "fatigue". Tick manipulation will not be added to this script, or any of my scripts for safety reasons. Sure. First of all, level 99 is definitely achievable, many users have managed to get to this level. However, you must be very careful with the amount of hours / day in order to minimize the chances of detection. Don't try to achieve it as fast as possible. 34k experience / hour is not "painful", because you don't have to stay in front of the screen while the script is running, and you can do something else instead. Sure, it might take 2 months to reach your target, but I would rather be patient and keep my account relatively safe.
  13. Not all Java versions are compatible with Looking Glass. Refer to this guide:
  14. Thank you for the report. This issue will be addressed in a future release. Dropping is based on my own recorded data, on which I spent 2 hours manually dropping logs. It's not "random", because humans are not random. But it does have a certain deviation from the sample pattern, which is applied every time the script drops a new item. Of course it seems like this. Humans are unable to see differences of tens of milliseconds just by looking at the cursor. If you are instead referring to the fact that the dropping sounds are generated at a fixed rate, once every 600 milliseconds, that's because items cannot appear on the ground between game ticks. This is not related to this script, or TRiBot in general. This is how RuneScape is coded.
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