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  1. As a free user, you will only be able to run free scripts for a limited amount of time, while premium scripts are capped at 1 running instance. If you are certain that you're not exceeding this limit in any way, and the problem keeps persisting, it might be a bug which has been previously reported on the forums by other free users. If that turns out to be the case, you could submit a ticket here: https://help.tribot.org/support/home
  2. This usually occurs if the client was terminated abruptly (through Task Manager, unexpected shutdown etc.) and the TRiBot servers were not notified that the script is no longer running. No further action is required, as this is automatically fixed after 30 minutes. Alternatively, you could try to terminate the 'ghost' instance yourself: https://tribot.org/repository/user_panel/instance_manager/
  3. Recently, lifetime auths have been removed from the scripts. This was by far the best thing that could have happened for everyone here on TRiBot: developers, scripters and most importantly, the users. I strongly believe this, that's why I suggested it to be implemented. I very rarely make claims that I cannot back up by concrete evidence, therefore here is one of the main reasons why this was a brilliant decision: As a basic principle of economics, removing the monopoly that stalled the market will facilitate competition. Although scripters will have to work harder, high competition will almost always result in more products, lower prices, and higher quality for the end users. This is not my opinion, it's a demonstrable fact, that can be observed even in the real world market. If anyone still doubts the validity of this statement, here is just a brief overview of what happened to some of the premium scripts since the change was announced, 6 months ago. Take a look and decide for yourself: Those are just a few examples. Not only that old scripts are being actively improved, but new ones, premium and free alike have been released for the public use. The amount, consistency and quality of the new releases is beyond anything that I've seen before, and this trend will continue over the next months. This is just the beginning, and many more improvements will take place sooner or later. Finally, I would like to thank @TRiLeZ for making all of this possible. It's almost unbelievable how the tiniest of changes can have such a drastic impact. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Butterfly_effect To celebrate this extraordinary event, for the rest of the month, all my premium scripts can be activated by all users for 1 credit. https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2771-einstein-s-woodcutter/ https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2828-einstein-s-fisher/ https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2866-einstein-s-miner/ As for the users that have decided to leave us: People are naturally inclined to complain about changes, especially when they are not interested in seeing the whole picture. From a selfish standpoint, yes: you would be much better off using your scripts for free for another 5 years. But unfortunately, the scripts that you've bought a long time ago are not solid, tangible objects that you can purchase and own forever. Due to the dynamic nature of botting, we (developers and scripters alike) need to constantly make small adjustments to our software, otherwise it won't be long until it will start malfunctioning from RuneScape updates. Code updates obviously translate into time and work, and it's within reason to expect to be paid for your work. Not only that you've received tens if not hundreds of free updates over the years, but this old system had absolutely disastrous effects on the quality of the repository. If the above reasons are not enough, and you still deem this to be unfair, fine. This was by far the best thing for everyone, the positive effects are already starting to take place, and this change was absolutely necessary for us. Although it's hardly the happiest thing to see resentful users leaving our community, with the help of the new changes we will continue to improve TRiBot with, or without you.
  4. Einstein

    Babysitting bot?

    Yes, player reports will definitely hasten the process of your account being banned, but the system does not rely on them. Otherwise, botting within instanced areas (such as Player Owned Houses) would have a ban-rate of 0, because nobody would be able to report you.
  5. Einstein

    Babysitting bot?

    Most likely a game bug. The process of bot detection is (almost) fully automated, and it mainly relies on heuristic analysis. Babysitting your bots does not alter the script's input, and will have virtually no effect on the ban-rate.
  6. Einstein

    Brought VIP still now showing...

    You've got the VIP rank, it's displayed on the forums: If you're getting that message, it's probably because you're trying to use a VIP-E feature.
  7. Einstein

    Brought VIP still now showing...

    Proxy usage is a VIP-E feature. You can upgrade on the same page, by paying the difference.
  8. Einstein

    Einstein's Miner - Probably the best Miner on TRiBot

    You can set the speed slider at the value 10, which will result in the script reacting 10 times as fast as it would normally do. However, since ABC2 sleeps are based of real human playing data, altering it in any way is highly discouraged, unless the user is attempting to goldfarm.
  9. Einstein

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    Lifetime auths have been discontinued and we have switched to a subscription-based system: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/76120-select-script-payment-types-are-being-discontinued/
  10. Einstein

    Einstein's Fisher - Probably the best Fisher on TRiBot

    Yes, now I understood what you meant, and you are right. I will try to find the best solution and you will be notified once it's implemented.
  11. Einstein

    Premium scripts gone?

    If you're maintaining a basic script, sure. However anything complex that is worth selling as a premium product requires a lot of time to maintain and improve. 'Maintaining' also involves fixing bugs as well, and there is no work around this - as long as software will be written by humans, bugs will remain a fact of life, and their number is directly proportional with the complexity of the code. However, you're absolutely right when you're saying that some scripters didn't keep their products up to date (while others were active on the thread almost daily), and this brings yet another reason why the old system was deeply flawed: it didn't facilitate for a way to 'reward' the productive scripters and 'punish' the inactive ones. The new system is much more fair in that respect, meaning that scripters that can't bother to update their code and ignore the users for weeks or even months at a time will simply be removed from the market, as a simple principle of economics. I can perfectly understand why the immediate reaction of some users might be resentfulness, however the old system was deeply flawed, encouraged laziness and stagnation, promoting monopoly through the user-count snowball effect, and overall had disastrous effects on the market. Removing the lifetime auths was probably the best decision in the recent history of TRiBot.
  12. Einstein

    Einstein's Fisher - Probably the best Fisher on TRiBot

    Objectively speaking, this would be considered unsafe regardless of the script used. You will probably manage to get away with it if it happens once, but every time you try using this (or any other script) in an in-human like way, you risk getting your account disabled. Thank you. I am aware of this problem and it will be addressed within the next weeks. It shouldn't interfere with the functionality of the script but will occasionally result in some images not being loaded. As far as I know, the logout timer is 5 minutes, and I've never seen an ABC2 sleep that exceeds this duration. If you think that the reaction times are too slow, you could adjust them from the 'Speed' slider on the GUI, although this is nor recommended for main accounts and was added for gold farmers. That's a great suggestion and it will probably be added to the script in a future release. I will quote you in the thread if and when this happens.
  13. Einstein

    Premium scripts gone?

    'Lifetime' refers to the lifetime of the script, not your lifetime nor the lifetime of the scripter. With that in mind, if the author of one of your 'lifetime' purchases decided at any point that the script is over, he or she could have very easily discontinue the script, everybody would lose their so-called 'lifetime' auths, and no one would complain. I don't understand why this time it would be any different. You've been granted an additional 6 months of usage after the decision has been taken, and chances are, you've been using your scripts for years, which is a very reasonable time frame that could be referred to as the script's lifetime. Software development and maintenance is hard work that requires dedication, time and effort. If there is anything that can be deemed unfair, that would be the old system, where users spent a few credits once, then received countless updates that they didn't paid for, to the code that would otherwise be rendered unusable by any game update.
  14. Everything looks very solid, the paint, the special effects, and the user interface are astonishing, and it's safe to assume that the underlying code sits at the same threshold of quality. Congratulations, and once again: your rank was well deserved.