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  1. Hey guys. My ironman has 1k total level. It got banned in early December 2016 according to my offences. Now I actually have never botted in my Runescape career. I thought about appealing my ban but I have come to realize that they may take action against my main. I know Jagex will never review bans so why bother appealing lol? So earlier today, I tried to login to my ironman and I realized I was banned for botting. I never actually botted (nor even used AHK/Mousekeys/Autoclicker) on any of my accounts at all yet they banned my ironman. The problem is I attempted to login on my ironman earlier today on the same computer as I'd normally play on my main. Because of this, doesn't this symbolize a red flag for Jagex? Am I on the hot seat because they found a match between my ironman and my main on the same device and same IP? What makes me wonder why they didn't touch my main is I remember playing both my main and my ironman in October from the "free 2 week member promo". I played them both at the same time. If they caught my ironman, how come they didn't take action against my main? A friend of mine was banned 5 years ago not for botting but for some gambling activity. Guess what? His other accounts gradually got banned over the course of that year and eventually all 4 accounts got banned. The reason I'm asking it in this forums is I thought since everyone bots here, you might know how the banning works. So will I get "chainbanned"?
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