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  1. Bot just turns off still - was that meant to be fixed yet? (not sure) [15:48:13] Disabled random solver: COMBATRANDOM.[15:48:14] Disabled random solver: COMBATRANDOM.[15:48:15] Disabled random solver: COMBATRANDOM.[15:48:17] Disabled random solver: COMBATRANDOM.[15:48:18] Disabled random solver: COMBATRANDOM.[15:48:19] Disabled random solver: COMBATRANDOM.[15:48:22] Disabled random solver: COMBATRANDOM.[15:48:23] Disabled random solver: COMBATRANDOM.[15:48:24] Disabled random solver: COMBATRANDOM.[15:48:26] Login Bot started.[15:48:27] Login Bot: Login...[15:48:28] Login Bot: Login...[15:48:30] Login Bot: Login...[15:48:31] Login Bot: Login...[15:48:32] Login Bot: Login...[15:48:33] Login Bot failed.[15:48:33] Script Ended: TexanNightmareZoneLite.
  2. The runescape login screen part just freezes for me now.
  3. No scripts show up on my bot client once opened, i clicked "ADD" on the script, went to log in the bot and clicked "start script", and there was none of the scripts shown up in the client. Someone please help?
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