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  1. Yeah they advertise as not reselling, but all proxy services do. I had hopped if I called them out on it they would try to make it right. But apparently that is not profitable.
  2. They responded with "We do not sell "flagged IPs" but Jagex does ban. We do not replace proxy IPs at all because of this, it's just not a sustainable business method for us. We do not resell proxies that are known to have been banned before either." So I am going to issue a chargeback. Fuck these guys.
  3. YoHoJo's guide is what recommended fish proxy. I paid 3.50 for the proxy, was guaranteed to be fresh and private. Seems like that was false. I would expect free switches until I get a proxy that isn't flagged. Will see what happens.
  4. Not I am understanding you correctly. Are you saying that all proxys are flagged? ...
  5. I purchased a proxy through this website due to the recommendation of one of the more prominent users on this site. I will try again I suppose, later though since I have work shortly T.T
  6. I was having USA Tutorial Island create the accounts for me, I assumed if the script was running in the Tribot client then the new accounts would be created using the provided proxy; however the accounts were getting locked after completing tutorial island due to being suspected as stolen. So, I downloaded the Maxathon browser and set the proxy up in there, I went to an ip address website to verify that the browser was indeed working and it was. I created 3 accounts there and then entered the info into Tribot, loaded the USA script and ran the accounts through the island. 2 accounts finished and were locked, 1 account was locked before finishing all suspected to be stolen.
  7. 1. I opened a ticket on Proxy Fish asking for new IP's until I can find one that is not instantly banned. 2. I've been using this one on my main account for a ton of accounts, none of them are banned for running the script. The only thing that changed is that I am using this proxy. 3. If I hit view>Runtime Information and that displays "Proxy:XXX.XXX.XXX.XX:XXXXX" that would imply that every client I open in that instance of Tribot will be played through that proxy, right?
  8. In not very familiar with what jagex does to flagged ip's. But ive had 20 or so accounts banned on my main IP so I figured I would try out a proxy. Based on the "stolen" language in the error message I assumed it was due to an IP leak. That message is one they give when the IP log of an account shows multiple locations in a short period of time. Are you sure that this is the same kind of ban they give to flagged ip's? In that case proxy fish sold me a used IP -.-
  9. Not saying script is flawless, I'm saying that on my main IP this script does not get me instant locked. Lots of my accounts get locked for breaking the terms of service, but that is a different error when logging in. This is the same error my brother got when I logged into his account and I live in a different state.
  10. I used this script to make multiple accounts on my own ip; they do not get locked immediately. The error I am getting is implying that the accounts have several IP's logged, right?
  11. Hi, I set the initial tribot up using my new proxy information at the tribot login screen. I tried to use USA tutorial island to create accounts like before but the accounts get locked either right before or right after tutorial island finishes because the account is suspected to be stolen. So, I downloaded Maxthon and setup my proxy on that, I went to an ip website to verify that it was reading my new IP and it was. So I set a new set of accounts up and just opened them in tribot, again locked as they are suspected to be stolen. My IP address should be consistent among all of the accounts... don't know what's going on. Tips? Edit 1: I can verify that my Tribot client is indeed listing my proxy, and that Maxathon is also listing my proxy's info.
  12. I tried to use the automatic account creator within the script using a tribot proxy client. When it finished tutorial island the account was locked because it is suspected to have been stolen. Does the account creation process occur on my own ip?
  13. I am getting stuck at the same spot. Anyone find a script that works with romeo?
  14. So, in Roaming/.tribot/USA Tutorial Island I only have the settings saved there, no file with the accounts that are auto being created Also, can you incorporate a way to auto load the new accounts into the tribot account manager?
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