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  1. Correct. It all runs in terminal and uses requests instead of browser automation like Selenium.
  2. I've been working on an account creator in python over the last week to practice and got to the point where I thought people could get some use out of it. Instructions are on the github page for use. https://github.com/gavinnn101/osrs_acc_creator I would love any feedback(as long as it's constructive) on my code itself or features to implement. Enjoy
  3. Nice, appreciate you That settings menu is extensive, easy to get lost
  4. Is there a way to make it stop/logout after X games? I only see X seconds for stop condition. edit: second question: I notice that it's automatically creating a normal game instead of hard. Any reason and/or setting for this?
  5. Are you using the script arguments correctly when you start it?
  6. Sorry, if I end up using the script for another quest ill make sure to use the proper format. I will let you know that the quest wasn't started before using the script though.
  7. Needed to intervene for fishing contest: It got the garlic from the house and then camelot tabbed and ran back to the fishing content(pathing logic error?) Then it ran to the fishing contest, put the garlic in and went into a [waiting for contest to end] state and did that whole thing without going to the gated woods and getting the bait to fish with
  8. script isnt recognizing that it's in combat with a black unicorn while talking to Svidi during MTD quest. Keep trying to talk to him while we're being attacked. (character eventually killed it with auto retaliate but the script also kept trying to talk to the npc during combat.)
  9. demon slayer my character got stuck trying to attack the demon because he was under attack by the wizards already. turned auto retaliate on and intervened to fix it
  10. Am I missing an argument that I should be using or is there a reason that the script doesn't use/buy teleport tablets to get to the quest spots faster? Such as GE -> tree gnome village it ran all the way instead of using a camelot teleport or similar. Other than that it's been working pretty well
  11. doing fire runes and it keeps saying my ring of dueling needs more than 1 charge when I have over 1k rings in my bank. Tried on my pc and linux VM so I don't believe its a deleting hooks issue? Was fine just this morning
  12. Got one account to 99 firemaking without an issue. here is a proggy on my 2nd account: https://gyazo.com/2659adb4b71b41eed7beb1992d967fe1 2nd account to 99: https://gyazo.com/c5bf0fdef20c8daa714dce325715a4ad
  13. Ran the script start to finish for all quests. Only time it got stuck was outside of Falador when it was trying to get to the undead tree at draynor village where it wasn't able to figure out the path.(assuming this is a daxwalker issue maybe?) Other than that the entire script ran flawlessly for all quests.
  14. Just ran this on one of my accounts and it did all the quests start to finish in ~2 hours 15 minutes without me interacting with it at all. Super impressed man.
  15. Optimus, I will do some unspeakable things for you if you can add some "logout if X happens" failsafe options. like barrows breaking, no food, if ring of life procs, etc. I have it to teleport out using glory if I go under 35% hp but at some point overnight my armor broke and I ended up dying(because I'm using guthans without any food.) I'm assuming it didn't teleport out in time and died since.. I died and I didn't see anything in the bot/client debug about using my glory to teleport.
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