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  1. Does it reset the blacklist when the script is restarted? This guy has been challenging me for almost a whole 24 hours now, lol. I'm happy to provide a bug report on this if needed. Side note: Is there a post that describes the differences between the calculators? Calc 3/2 seem to be very similar and I've had much better luck with the original calculator. No big deal but I was just curious
  2. How many attempts is a few, and how does it identify a scammer? Theres been about 5 people throughout the day that seem to be trying to same scam(maybe a bot?) where they try to enable platebody and/or food. Each of them have challenged me 2-5+ times without being blacklisted
  3. is it still possible to manually blacklist someone? Havent used this in a good while(first time using the new version) and it doesnt seem to blacklist this guy trying to scam the bot. Also it found a good stake but I had to manually help it accept the 2nd screen(ill make a proper report and ask for help if it continues)
  4. gavin101

    bot dont work good

  5. gavin101

    Dax Webwalker too much Downtime

    first time ive ever used a script and webwalking has been down but this is mad annoying. hopefully its working correctly soon
  6. gavin101

    Client lagging in all situations

    I ran Einstein's tool found here: restarted tribot a few times, and deleted my whole tribot folder. so not sure what fixed it but there ya go.
  7. gavin101

    Client lagging in all situations

    also for further details: I don't lag while using any clients that aren't tribot. I AM lagging before I even attempt to start any scripts. The lag stars on runescape's login screen
  8. gavin101

    Client lagging in all situations

    So I just came back after a while being I wanted to use Zulrah helper but no matter what I try, my client is lagging. I've done some troubleshooting but nothing I've tried has fixed my problem yet.. Things I've tried: uninstalling my previous java versions Installing the latest 64 bit jdk Installing the latest 32 bit jdk Client inside of tribot(non looking glass) 64bit Client inside of tribot(non looking glass) 32bit Tried using 64 bit looking glass with osbuddy Increased heap size from 256 to 512 to 1024 and 2048.. Deleted hooks.dat in the .tribot folder Restarted my computer My cpu/ram usage during all of this sits around 15-35% ( i7-8700k @ 4.7ghz and 16GB ddr4 3200mhz ram) so that shouldnt be an issue. I'm kind of out of ideas at this point if anyone has some suggestions. Thanks
  9. One thing I notice while stun-alching zombies is that it will hover a zombie getting ready to cast stun on it then flick the cursor to a different zombie which looks odd. Not sure how big of an anti-ban difference it would make it but definitely isn't a human movement.
  10. gavin101

    bought vip instead of vip-e

    Must have missed that. Thanks for the link <3
  11. gavin101

    bought vip instead of vip-e

    So its been a while since I've been around and I forgot that I needed vip-e to use looking glass... I bought VIP then realized it so I bought VIP-E after. What happens to my subscription, does it get extended lets say ~20 days(price difference between vip and vip-e) or how does that work? Appreciate it boys <3
  12. gavin101

    |w| Quests [ABCL 10] [NOW FREE]

    I won't expect a refund at this point but I think the norm of tribot staff allowing script writers to do this is making the logic you're using really flawed. Also, I know its $5 and its not a much to me but its the idea that I didn't get what I paid for. If I knew it cant do tree gnome village correctly along with a few other quests that needed manual intervention, I wouldn't have bought the script. You don't go buy a program that advertises that its going to do X automation for you then you find out it doesn't work correctly. The programmers respond "welp shit bro I mean programming is hard so just be our beta tester and we'll get around to fixing it. But thanks for the ezmoney." I hope you can read my post with a non biased logic and see where I'm coming from. Again, I don't expect or really care about the $5 but its just this logic that I've seen scripters use time and time again on here that really bothers me. Any other product you'd go out and buy in the world then it doesn't work as advertised, you get a refund. Not a "well you have to understand its hard to make this so.. refund request denied!" My 2 cents. I'm taking my loss and learning to buy a script on here based on how often its maintained and used as opposed to how good I think the script writer is.
  13. gavin101

    |w| Quests [ABCL 10] [NOW FREE]

    Yea it did death plateau without an issue which was great but when I get bot breaking bugs every other quest its like... why didn't I use a free script you know what I mean? I'm not a beta tester, it was paid for so I'm not trying to find all the bugs and report them. I'm trying to use a paid/working product. Again, nothing personal I know you're good but this doesn't really seem like its at a quality that should be paid for in the current state. Yea I'm using 64 bit osbuddy, default client settings. I've never gotten a refund from buying scripts that don't function how they should so I'm not expecting it but I figured I'd ask. If it worked the way you'd think I'd have nothing to complain about but... its been far from flawless