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  1. Idk if I'm just lucky but I've sold over 2b to bogla by transferring it all to my alt lv120 and then trading the gold + a few random items each time and never been banned for rwt
  2. gavin101


    Seems like there are still some instances of it getting stuck: Attached the screenshots to my post
  3. Using the account creator in practice:
  4. gavin101


    The bot gets stuck often when it needs to go to the next interaction but the chat box somehow gets something it doesnt expect: https://gyazo.com/777cd4595a997a3c5ddc31ae20ed804c (it will click what its supposed to do next but with the chat box having the wrong dialog, it never continues unless you manually intervene and click continue in the chat box.) (This doesnt only happen here. I've seen it in pretty much every part of the tutorial island.) But on the other side, if it doesnt get something unexpected, it works really well:
  5. I've added support for Tribot CLI so that you can automatically run the account through tutorial island (or whichever other script you'd want to automatically run on a fresh account). Change the settings.ini file to match your needs and the program should do the rest.
  6. No worries, I'm using your script for testing integration with the tribot CLI with my account creator
  7. seems like an edge case but the Gielinor Guide was being blocked by some open drawers so it couldn't click him. Maybe it could be a right click -> Talk-to? https://gyazo.com/fd1bfb91caf935ffc65171b5fe7f3a63
  8. The problem is that your post reads like he literally created it. We also don't know if the OP is referencing the version that Fluffee posted or Openosrs in general for playing the game.
  9. gavin101

    Perma Banned

    You can appeal it in a few years to get unbanned(typically)
  10. I'm fairly positive it would run the script was the last used/saved settings.
  11. Correct. It all runs in terminal and uses requests instead of browser automation like Selenium.
  12. I've been working on an account creator in python over the last week to practice and got to the point where I thought people could get some use out of it. Instructions are on the github page for use. Download link: https://github.com/gavinnn101/osrs_acc_creator Discord: GaviNNN#3281 Tutorial Video: I would love any feedback(as long as it's constructive) on my code itself or features to implement. Enjoy
  13. Nice, appreciate you That settings menu is extensive, easy to get lost
  14. Is there a way to make it stop/logout after X games? I only see X seconds for stop condition. edit: second question: I notice that it's automatically creating a normal game instead of hard. Any reason and/or setting for this?
  15. Are you using the script arguments correctly when you start it?
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