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  1. One thing I notice while stun-alching zombies is that it will hover a zombie getting ready to cast stun on it then flick the cursor to a different zombie which looks odd. Not sure how big of an anti-ban difference it would make it but definitely isn't a human movement.
  2. gavin101

    bought vip instead of vip-e

    Must have missed that. Thanks for the link <3
  3. gavin101

    bought vip instead of vip-e

    So its been a while since I've been around and I forgot that I needed vip-e to use looking glass... I bought VIP then realized it so I bought VIP-E after. What happens to my subscription, does it get extended lets say ~20 days(price difference between vip and vip-e) or how does that work? Appreciate it boys <3
  4. I won't expect a refund at this point but I think the norm of tribot staff allowing script writers to do this is making the logic you're using really flawed. Also, I know its $5 and its not a much to me but its the idea that I didn't get what I paid for. If I knew it cant do tree gnome village correctly along with a few other quests that needed manual intervention, I wouldn't have bought the script. You don't go buy a program that advertises that its going to do X automation for you then you find out it doesn't work correctly. The programmers respond "welp shit bro I mean programming is hard so just be our beta tester and we'll get around to fixing it. But thanks for the ezmoney." I hope you can read my post with a non biased logic and see where I'm coming from. Again, I don't expect or really care about the $5 but its just this logic that I've seen scripters use time and time again on here that really bothers me. Any other product you'd go out and buy in the world then it doesn't work as advertised, you get a refund. Not a "well you have to understand its hard to make this so.. refund request denied!" My 2 cents. I'm taking my loss and learning to buy a script on here based on how often its maintained and used as opposed to how good I think the script writer is.
  5. Yea it did death plateau without an issue which was great but when I get bot breaking bugs every other quest its like... why didn't I use a free script you know what I mean? I'm not a beta tester, it was paid for so I'm not trying to find all the bugs and report them. I'm trying to use a paid/working product. Again, nothing personal I know you're good but this doesn't really seem like its at a quality that should be paid for in the current state. Yea I'm using 64 bit osbuddy, default client settings. I've never gotten a refund from buying scripts that don't function how they should so I'm not expecting it but I figured I'd ask. If it worked the way you'd think I'd have nothing to complain about but... its been far from flawless
  6. BUG REPORT Name of quest: Death Plateau Picture of entire screen (rs window and bot debug): https://gyazo.com/bc1fe5da441ec9ddc3395541a96d48de Detailed description of bug: bot needs to enter the amount of gold to wager but instead just talks to the npc again when it gets to the input screen. I hate to be that guy but is it possible to get a refund man? No offense to you because I know you're a great coder (zulrah helper and I got a private from you) but I didn't realize how buggy this was when I was buying it.
  7. Is this script out of date or something? I've had nothing but issues with it so far. I bought all the items for the quests, put them in the bank and started the chain quester. It did prince ali rescue after a while and I went to bed before I watched the next quest but its been sitting upstairs in a tree gnome village shop for 8 hours.. Can there at least be a fail safe if it doesn't do a useful action or moves in say 5 minutes or something?..
  8. gavin101

    Learning Scripting

    What do you mean by "doesn't really pay off?" Do you mean if he wants to make money from tribot scripting?
  9. gavin101

    api for making bot talk?

    Thanks for the link. Yea I'm sure I don't need a book but figured it might help with more detail and I just torrented it anyways. I watched up to around video 15 from Derek Banas and that went ok but meh. I'll definitely check that out though. If anyone has any other suggestions for learning I'd greatly appreciate it.
  10. gavin101

    api for making bot talk?

    I'm blind. Skipped right over org.tribot.api.input lol. On a completely unrelated note, would anyone recommend "Intro to java programming - Comprehensive Version - 10th edition by Daniel Liang to start learning better than youtube videos? Or maybe another book?
  11. gavin101

    api for making bot talk?

    I've been searching the API and can't for the life of me find anything related to making the bot talk or use the in-game auto chat. Can someone point me in the right direction because I must be slow..
  12. gavin101

    RIP Scripts

    You don't upload your stuff to GitHub or anything? That sucks man. At least this time you could re-write them more efficiently maybe.