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  1. Maybe, I guess. I was just thinking to the only private script I've bought and it was 120 although it wasn't that complicated I suppose. Sorry for going off topic op, gl.
  2. I know its off topic but 700 credits for a script, pretty nuts.
  3. Ah ok that makes sense. I should have looked through the docs more. Thanks for the response <3
  4. So am I able to do this? Its not letting me and I'm curious if I'm doing it wrong or I just have to use 1 tile private static RSTile TREE_TILE = new RSTile(3166, 3403, 0); private static RSArea TREE_AREA = new RSArea(TREE_TILE, 10); WebWalking.walkTo(TREE_AREA); My goal is to just have it walk to a random tile in the area of my TREE_TILE
  5. I maxed both of my accounts now thanks to this script. Experienced one ban with it but I maxed both of my accounts more or less to the point where I wont be botting them anymore pure: 60 att 90 str 99 range main: 99 att 99 str 75+ def 99 hp 99 range Thanks for your script bud. This and aAgility are the best scripts on tribot
  6. what do you mean? If we put gold into the coffer then run the bot, it should run fine until we're out of gold?
  7. I'd hate to jinx it but I'm currently at 99/99/80 92 range, 98 hp. we'll see if we can close it out
  8. also got banned on my lv113 first time using it, lmao.. can I get a refund? I used the script for like 5 hours total only because I read that you made major changes to the quality of the script only to see it still has major issues :/
  9. After watching it without abc2 delays it still has some major flaws. Its good enough that I'll use it for a set of void but it has glaring issues that still needs to be fixed. A lot of the time it will run around not sure what to attack and wont even get its first damage in until 2 portals are dead. It needs to go to the portal with its shield down and either hit the portal or hit the nearby monsters and not leave until the portal is dead and the next portal's shield is down. It runs around so much that my account with 99 attack and strength is getting 100-200 damage a game and it would get a crazy amount more if it just did what it was supposed to instead of running around deciding what it would try and kill(a lot of the time not even a useful monster like a brawler in the middle of nowhere.) Hope it helps, would love the see the script improved since there aren't any good premium pest control scripts available.
  10. Would it be possible for you to add an option to have dharok support? It would work something like: bring a rock cake and get down to ~10 or so hp pray range/melee or whatever depending on whats hitting you kill spinners if available or attack open portals if there arent any spinners It would be really nice since this method is very common in the veteran boat edit: dunno if its abc2 sleeps but it has the longest delay ever sitting there after a win/loss so it ends up missing the boat right after the game. Can you make it so theres little/no delay after the game so it can get into the boat, then call move mouse off screen once its in the boat or something to compensate? edit 2: Had a long ass delay just sitting at the start of the game without doing anything until I moved him forward then he played but at that point it was too late and didn't get enough damage to get credit. 3rd game and it did the same thing. Started moving and doing stuff once two portals were already dead, this is really obvious bot behavior when the same people are seeing you every game So it pretty much looks like the script works pretty well aside from the really, really long abc2 delays that you kind of need to use so we dont get banned but with how long the sleeps are for some reason its adding some big flaws to the functionality.
  11. still have plans for the abc2 slider?
  12. I'd more than likely buy this. Maybe add more options than just barrows teleport to get there. support different gear/setups(graceful for example although that method may be questionable with a bot.) more than one run per trip, etc
  13. I've seen some scripts have sliders for the amount of ABC2 it uses (ismithing / blast furnace.) Is it possible to make something like that? Because it idles/moves mouse off screen after almost every action which is almost more bot like than if it didn't use the delays. This is the only thing stopping me from buying the script. Either way the script seemed great while I used it. Good job on the re-write
  14. Tried to use the trial after creating the preset to make larders and it moves the mouse back and forth on the "Leave House" button. Paint says calling butler got it to work by getting the butler right next to me when I started the script. The amount is uses ABC2 delays is pretty crazy. It idles after almost every action
  15. added you on skype, I'm down to help