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  1. when using potions, is there a way to stop it from banking when out of potions but still has food
  2. oh ok thanks for fast response. I have been away from the rs scene for a few yrs and just came back haha. But great script bro. Thanks agaian
  3. Not sure if this matters but. When drinking potion it doesnt really check the stats to see how much boost is left.. Otherwise so far so good. Other then crashers... How do we setup bot to hop on crashers? i tried and tested but it wouldnt hop.
  4. Works ok but why is it so slow... its usually 20-25k exp an hour no where near the advertised 75k an hour...
  5. When i am trying to restart the script. it is saying [07:14:54] Your trial for this script has ended. Please wait for your trial usage to get reset, or purchase the script. i bought the lifetime script? have tried restarting tribot and still getting same error please fix
  6. when cutting magics at the seers spot 2. It always atleast every few inventories. cuts 1 normal log. just wanted to let you know other then that script is flawless
  7. karrmite

    Bot busting

    recently started playing rs after about a year break one of my accounts got a 2 day ban for bot busting. is that when a mod actually sees u botting or is that detected with there system?
  8. Does this spin flax? im looking for a spinner with antiban. 10
  9. Bought this recently and it looks so suspicious at banks..when it is banking cut logs it doesnt stay at the same booth it keeps going back and fortth. Obviously looks like a bot. Honestly the free fletching script is better then this...please fix or refund.
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