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  1. that buys soda ash and buckets of sand, can't seem to get the free aiobuyer++ or ExShopper to work for me if anyone can assist me with either of those or direct me to another script i would appreciate it unsure if this gets posted here
  2. yeah im interested in one too
  3. nevermind I stopped it so I could make it multi kill since I noticed ti was able too and then restarted it and now even with zulandra tps it doesnt want to work and I know I have everything here is what it says, "[23:46:52] Downloading script '|w| Zulrah Slayer V2'. [23:46:55] Script Started: |w| Zulrah Slayer V2. [23:47:14] Loaded food Shark [23:47:14] Loaded settings successfully! Using shark and void equipment file. [23:47:14] Blowpipe detected. [23:47:14] Trident of the Swamp detected. [23:47:14] java.lang.NullPointerException [23:47:14] at scripts.zulrahslayer.c.r.A(PriceConnector.java:19) [23:47:14] at scripts.api.framework.script.NodeScript.A(NodeScript.java:37) [23:47:14] at scripts.api.framework.script.core.BasicScript.run(BasicScript.java:128) [23:47:14] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) [23:47:14] Script Ended: |w| Zulrah Slayer V2."
  4. I want to buy it but for some reason it won't work, your zulrah helper works fantastic by the way I love it but I can't seem to get this working whatsoever I have the gear setup correctly, the options and everything in bank etc but it starts the script then ends it wasted 20 mins of trial trying to use it but it refuses, any tips? if this can get fixed im willing to buy it because ive seen good things
  5. Bought this but honestly I am new to this whole botting thing and I have no idea how to even set this up even after reading your instructions and easy screenshots maybe I am just an idiot but is there anyway I can get some assistance with setting it up sorry to bother you
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