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  1. rody401

    Slayer tasks

    Since there aren't any slayer scripts what would be a recommend script to use while slaying, like what combat script?
  2. Hey, Im a 82 range 80 mage and 42 def acc. Should I be using full void or blessed dhide and mystic?
  3. Having the same problem. Tired everything mentioned yet nothing worked.
  4. I recently started to play osrs again. I just wanted to know the state of botting atm specifically for skilling not money making. Before I quit i was using looking glass on 3 accounts and wasnt banned so it still viable?
  5. 1 pray pure trying to keep hp low :/
  6. Any one know how many cannonballs it would take from 80 to 90 range since none of the ranging guild scripts work?
  7. rody401

    Low lvl ags pure

    Thanks for the info I'll prob just play around a little bit and then get strength to 60-70
  8. rody401

    Low lvl ags pure

    Well 90% of the lures are gmaulers at that cb. I have a gmauler so just wanted to make a diff pure and test it out.
  9. rody401

    Low lvl ags pure

    Lmao autocorrect, posted this on my phone
  10. rody401

    Low lvl ags pure

    So I wanted to make a new ags pure ( already have one at 82 str) but with lower str and no pray to stay at lower combat. It's currently 70/50/1/80. It will be 75/50/1/80. Do you guys think this is efficient?
  11. I use East Rellaka. It doesn't print anything in debugger. The settings are hop when cannon is near, eats lobster, and brings 4 str pots, that's about it. And yea all i can say is it completely stops even though the script is still running.
  12. Idk why but I can never run your script overnight or for long periods of time. Whenever I run it, it automatically stops after 2 to 3 hours later it just stops even though the script is still running. Today I was home and wanted to test it and about 3 hours later it just stops. It says "Your character has not moved in five minutes, please wait while the script thread is restarted". For the time the script worked, it runs smoothly. Is it something I am doing wrong or is it the script?
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