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  1. @NatonHey script was working well this morning but now it is stuck when teleporting to corp beast. It will just be stuck and keep spamming corp beast tele fromgames necklace. Please fix thank you
  2. Hey script working well now with the games necklase Can you make an update so that the script avoids being in combat with two different dragons in lower south rev caves? Most of the time it is being attacked by two dragons and it does not move so that it can only be fighting a single dragon Thank you
  3. Hey nice script Quick question How can i get the script to use the Games Necklase to get to the lower south Rev cave?
  4. Does this support, currently, furnace method of making molten glass?
  5. That sounds good! But is this script ABCL10 supported?
  6. ABCL10 supported? how is the antiban feature?
  7. @erickho123Why the fuck does your script make my character run up towards ardougne when im trying to buy from the charter crew members at the fishing trawler area? The fuck is it doing and how do I SIMPLY MAKE IT BUY from literally 2 steps away from the bank? why does it feel the need to RUN TOWARDS ARDOUGNE? FFS.
  8. @Einstein Can you confirm that the Agility pyramid uses middle mouse wheel for camera angle change? It looks to me like it uses Arrows Keys which is highly suspicious of botting. Also can you update the script so that it sells the golden pyramids after obtaining them as they weigh a fuck-ton and can increase likelihood of fails. Thank you!
  9. Would also like to know! Please PM me if you can get the chance
  10. @HeyImJamie When using the Wilderness Altar, the bot attempts to change worlds/worldhop and sometimes it enters Deadman servers or F2P servers. This is a major reason why you cant run this script for longer than 20 minutes without looking at it. Could you please make it so that it does NOT world hop to any F2P servers or deadman mode servers.
  11. @EncodedCan we get a fix please?
  12. Can you fix the script? Once it has 100 seeds, it will deposit them all and it will then continue to deposit seeds even though the inventory has NO SEEDS left. it will keep spamming the seed bag
  13. Do you roughly know the % in reduction in ban if using LG? It seems that there is a higher chance of being banned NOT using LG, can you confirm or make a comment on this?
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